School of Law & Legal Studies Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1: To acquire & apply legal knowledge to the complex Socio-legal problems.

PEO2: To make students eligible to practice in Courts, Industries, Companies as legal practitioner.

PEO3: To possess professional skills required for legal practice such as Argument, Pleading, drafting, conveyancing etc.

PEO4: To understand and apply principles of professional ethics of legal profession.

PEO5: To develop legal research skills & legal reasoning and apply it during programme & in Legal practice.

PEO6: To provide a platform of self-employability by developing professional skills in legal industry.

PEO7: To make awareness about Constitutional legislative & societal transformation in society & to develop clinical abilities

PEO8: Every graduate will become skilled in legal research, written and oral communication, teamwork, advocacy, and problem-solving.