Elemental Club

““As DAV-ians we are going to be in a position to change the world – not just study it.””

Introduction: Among the various efforts, our University students are putting in to bring the likeminded students together is this incredible idea of forming of a Technical Club, ‘eleMENTAL’. The structure, as laid down by the founders of the club, Nishant and Raghav Ranjan, both the students of B.Tech 2013 Batch is very well summarized by the tagline of the club- “Dream, Desire, Design.” It has been providing a platform to the students who dare to dream big, desire for its fulfillment and design their path to success. This club not only promotes practical but also theoretical education of numerous aspects which acts as a boon in our professional lives. The club members share the idea about the advances in technology and various technical ideas by interactive means of learning. The guidance from the esteemed faculty members is received in the required sphere. The talented students, be it from any department, are given a chance to participate in different intra and inter-university festivals & events.

Different Activities held within the club in which students shared motivating and innovating ideas through PowerPoint presentations and interactive sessions. Quizzes were held in which the logical thinking of the various members was tested.


  1. Ranjodh Singh, Coordinator, Department of Civil Engineering.
  2. Sudhir Arora, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering.



Saksham Thakur       12200858

Karanpreet Singh 12100147

Parveen Kaur 12000674

Events Organized

  • Fabricator:This event was organized by the club on January 19, 2015. This was a successful event with a participation of a 100 students. It was the first time such event was being organized in the university. It was an open event in which students from all departments could participate in a team of two. The event constituted of a total of three rounds. In the first round, the participants made paper planes that could fly the maximum distance. Out of the 50 teams that participated, only 10 qualified for the next round. In the next round, plastic sheets, threads and thermocol cups were provided to the teams using which they made parachutes. The parachutes were then thrown from the fourth floor and the parachutes that took the maximum time to hit the ground were declared the winners. The maximum recorded time being 7.82 seconds. Only five teams made to the last round in which they collected waste materials lying around the campus and turned them into a technical item. The winners of the event were Gurpreet Singh, B.Tech. Civil and Inderatjeet Singh, B.Tech. CSE.
  • Dome It:This workshop was held on February 5, 2015. It aimed to enhance the structural and designing skills of the students. It was delivered by Nishant and Raghav Ranjan, students of Civil Engineering, under the guidance of Er. Ranjodh Singh, Head Civil Dept.A total of 60 students participated in the workshop. A competition was conducted after the workshop in which the participants displayed their learnt skills and creativity. The teams made a dome of their own and the domes were then tested with an increasing load of 5kg applied on the top of the dome and the dome which sustained the maximum load won.
  • Inception:A technical event named “INCEPTION” was organized by eleMENTAL, the technical Club of DAV University on 15th September 2015 on the occasion of Engineer’s Day. The event was a collaborative effort of the students and teachers of the department under the guidance of Dean Academics. It consisted of a total of 13 numbers of events which included Cad Wars, Bridge it, Project Display, PowerPoint Presentations, Poster Making, Group Discussion etc. which provided students a platform to show their technical skills. It was a successful event as about 500 students from various streams participated in all the events and the first three positions in each event were awarded. On the occasion of prize distribution ceremony Dean Academics and Faculty members of the department gave best wishes to the students for their bright future.
  • DAVUtsav ’16 Technical Events: A total of four events were organized by the club in the inter-university techno-cultural fest, DAVUtsav 2016. The events organized were as follows:
  1. CADWars
  2. Dome IT
  • Landfill in a Bottle
  1. Captain Concrete

Students from 12 different colleges participated in the technical events and a tough competition was  observed between the participants.

Guest Lectures Organized

  • Raju Sarkar in association with ACC Cement Young Connect Programme:

Dr Raju Sarkar, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering Delhi Technological University (DTU), highlighted the importance of tie-beams, shear walls and other safety measures at the time of construction. He said that adding these features ensure safety of the structure and its occupants. He said that high rise buildings should not have soft-storeys (structure resting on columns without walls in basements) as they might lead to the failure of tall structure during an earthquake. Dr Sarkar, who did his post-doctoral fellowship from the University of Nottingham, also discussed the reasons for massive destruction in Bhuj in Gujarat following earthquake on the Republic Day in 2001.

  • Enzo Siviero on Bridge Design:

Enzo Siviero, a professor at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, a consultant professor at Tongji University, Shanghai-China and Vice-head of Consiglio Universitario Nazionale (CUN), Italian National University Council at the Ministry of Education in Rome also presented his works carried out across the world featuring some of the world’s best bridges.

The lecture – Bridgescaping, Bridging Landscape and Culture – apprised the students of the University that the team comprising his students and him always focused on innovative designs without compromising on the quality or their load bearing strength. Some of the finest bridges designed by him include Pedro E Ines in Coimbra, Ponte Della Costituzione in Venice and Ponte Del Mare in Pescara. All these bridges incorporate the aesthetic features along with the structural design aspects.

Appreciating Prof Siviero, Dr A K Paul, Vice Chancellor, DAV University said that lecture delivered by the Italian expert was a learning experience for the students. Prof Ranjodh Singh, Coordinator, Civil Engineering Department at the University said that there was a lot to learn from Italian expert. The lecture proved a bridge between Italian and Indian aspects of design. Dr. Naresh Sahajpal, Dean Academics and Prof Sudhir Arora were also present at the occasion.

Intra-University College Fests

The students of the club have not only participated but also have brought laurels to the university in various inter-university fests.

  • Chandigarh University Fest
  • Utkansh’14 NIT Jalandhar
  • Vyom’14 PEC University of Technology,
  • PECFEST’14, and
  • PECFEST’15