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Thespians - Drama Club

Welcome to the vibrant world of the Thespian Club of DAV University Jalandhar, where the spotlight shines on creativity, expression, and the art of drama! The club is a dynamic platform that encourages students to unleash their theatrical talents and join this club on a captivating journey through the world of performing arts.

At the heart of thespians club, students thrive on storytelling and impactful performances. Club portrays a diverse range of productions, from Stage Plays to Street Plays, Mono-acting to Mime, and even the art of Mimicry and Skits. Through these captivating performances, the club aim to shed light on contemporary social issues, offering insightful perspectives and suggesting possible solutions.

But it's not just about the stage; it's about the growth and development of the members. Students actively participate in numerous inter-department and intra-department competitions to sharpen the skills. And students also compete on a national level, pitting their skills against the best in the country.

Thespian’s motto is simple yet profound: to spread awareness about drama, skits, mime, and mono-acting among students, providing them with a platform to nurture and showcase their abilities. So, if you're ready to step into the world of drama and unleash your creativity, the Thespian Club is the place to be. Join us, and together, let's explore the endless possibilities of the stage and the power of storytelling!

Faculty Coordinator

Bindia Daroch

Assistant Professor

Commerce Business Management & Economics

Student Coordinators

Mehak 12100042 BBA

Hashir Khursheed 12100711 B. COM (H)


The Thespian Club, also known as Drama Club, has achieved remarkable success and made significant contributions to both the artistic and social aspects of university community. Here are some of the notable achievements:

  1. 2nd Prize in Skit at All India Cultural Association, Kartarpur: Students proudly secured the 2nd prize in skit performance at the prestigious All India Cultural Association event held in Kartarpur. This achievement reflects students’ dedication and talent in the world of dramatic arts.
  1. Socially Relevant Skit Performances: Thespians club has been dedicated to addressing important social issues through skit performances. Club used the power of drama to raise awareness about various societal challenges, helping to inspire change and provoke thought among audience.
  1. Nukkad Natak for Social Awareness: Club commitment to social causes, students have organized and performed numerous Nukkad Nataks (street plays) aimed at educating and sensitizing people about various social issues. These performances have made a tangible impact on local community.
  1. Promoting Student Participation: Members have actively encouraged new students to join the Drama Club, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of budding actors and playwrights. The efforts made by club members have led to increased participation and enthusiasm among students.
  1. Competitions During Spectrum: Drama Club has been instrumental in organizing and participating in inter-departmental and intra-departmental competitions during Spectrum, university's cultural festival. These events have showcased the immense talent within club and promoted healthy competition.
  1. Mime Performance in AIU North Zone: The members had the privilege of representing university with a captivating mime performance at the AIU North Zone event. The exceptional skills were recognized, and members of the club received widespread appreciation for artistic prowess.
  1. Front Page Recognition: The achievements extended beyond the stage when mime performance earned a prominent place on the front page of the Jammu University news book. This recognition highlighted club's contributions to the university's cultural landscape.

The Thespian Club's journey is a testament to our commitment to the dramatic arts and our dedication to using them as a platform for social change and artistic expression. We look forward to continuing our efforts to enrich the cultural life of our university and society as a whole.