School of Law & Legal Studies Departmental Activities (Events)
Visit of High Court of Punjab & Haryana
Date: 25th April, 2023

Students pursuing BA LLB (Hons) at the School of Law and Legal Studies, DAV University visited the High Court of Panjab and Haryana in Chandigarh. The students were accompanied by Assistant Professors Ms Sanjana Jain Cheema, Ms Sakshi, Ms Trisha and Mr Dildar Singh. The students witnessed the court proceedings and arguments. The students also visited the office of the Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association. They also visited the office of the Advocate General, Haryana. The students were apprised of the procedure of registration as an advocate and their enrolment at the bar. They also visited the museum depicting the history of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana High Court. The visit was coordinated by Dr Kamaljeet Kaur Sidhu, Dean School of Law and Legal Studies, DAV University Jalandhar.


Celebration of Constitution Day
25th November,2022

DAV University, School of Law and Legal Studies organised a function to celebrate the 73 rd Constitution Day marking the adoption of the constitution of India on 26 th November 1949. The constitution of India formally came into effect on 26 th January 1950 which is celebrated as Republic day of India the Indian Constitution is the longest written constitution.

The welcome address was presented by the Dr. Kamaljeet Kaur Sidhu, Dean School of Law and legal studies said that the Indian constitution has given us rights with our responsibilities and duties so she urged every individual to first perform their duties and responsibility which automatically provide their rights.

Addressing the gathering our worthy Chief Guest Shri Jaspreet Singh, IAS Deputy Commissioner, Jalandhar said that the Constitution Day is being celebrated in India as a tribute to all the great legends who worked tirelessly to give India its constitution.

The Worthy Vice Chancellor of DAV University, he said that the Indian Constitution is for continuity of democracy and integrity of nation. The Worthy Sh. Rajan Gupta, IPS (Retd.) Executive Director DAV University advised that the people must be aware of the procedures and Policies available in the Indian Constitution for the betterment of the society.

The Registrar of DAV University Dr. K.N Kaul ended the occasion with the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and other faculty members along with the students.




Learning Outcomes

1.To spread the importance of Constitution.

2.To spread the thoughts and ideas of the Father of Indian Constitution- Dr. B.R Ambedkar

3.To create awareness among the students about the ideals and values contained in our Constitution.

4. To celebrate the Law Day as a symbol of respect for the framers of our Indian Constitution.

December, 2021

The Students of B.A.LL.B.( HONS) Five years integrated course secured 5th position out of 85 teams in a business quiz. The Objective behind to organize Quiz competition is to evaluate the knowledge of the participants within academics as well as beyond academics and to make them familiar with the prospects of quizzes and the objectivity of the questions. The main purpose of the competition to develop interest in subject areas of Commerce and Management including competitive aspects.


Learning Outcomes

1.To test the educative way of business knowledge.

2.To make you a better businessman

3.To create an atmosphere of fun based activity.

6TH April 2022

The School of Law & Legal Studies of DAV University, Jalandhar organized a visit to the Kapurthala Central Jail for its students. The idea behind the visit is to acquaint the students with the jail manual in a practical manner and to observe the recreational activities to foster their mental, physical, and cultural developments. During the jail visit the briefing of functioning of jail was addressed by Jail Superintendent Sh. Gurnam Lal along with Additional Superintendent Sh. Hemant Sharma, Deputy Superintendent Factory Adarsh Pal Singh Toor and Deputy Superintendent Security Sh. Kanwar Vijay.


Learning Outcomes

1.To study the role of Kapurthala Central Jail in treatment of Prisoners in framework of rehabilitative and reformative activities given to them.

2.To study the infrastructure provided by the jail authorities to the Prisoners.

3.To study the behavior of inmates of jail.

4.To study the security system of jail premises.

8th December, 2021

DAV University, Jalandhar organized interaction of law students with Justice Pritam Pal who served more than fifty years in judicial service and practice. He is man of his words. He is a seeker who still explores new ideologies of life and shows the right path to students. Students were glad to know that Justice Pritam Pal knows many languages and knows the grammar of such subject. Justice Pritam Pal shared with the students the idea of TAB i.e. Thought, Action and Behaviour which was of his own. The students were so much agreed with their idea of Manu Bhav which shows that knowledge of vedas was known to him. Students were very curious and hence asked many questions regarding the process of judiciary and litigation. Justice Pritam Pal also guide the students with their experiences of his life and told students to walk in path of spirituality where at least one seeks enlightenment.


Legal Awareness Camp in various villages of Jalandhar
15th November, 2021

To celebrate the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav School of Law &Legal Studies at DAV University Jalandhar along with District Legal Services Authority organized legal awareness Camps in various villages of the district Jalandhar to provide legal assistance to the marginalized sections of the society and poor beneficiaries to resolve their long standing issues under the umbrella of Pan India Awareness and Outreach Programme. The global pandemic has made the role of Legal Aid Institutions more pronounced in mitigating the sufferings of people. It was organized to create an environment where justice-delivery is looked upon not as a sovereign function but as a citizen-centric service. The knowledge of legal rights and remedies were imparted to the peoples of different villages. They were made aware of the various machineries of the justice delivery system available for redress of their grievances. Apart from that the procedure of approaching and utilizing various channels available for the redress of their grievances such as the police, the executive and the judiciary was also discussed with them by the law students of DAV University, Jalandhar.


Learning Outcomes

1.To spread awareness about welfare legislation schemes and policies by the Legal Service Authority.

2.To understand the legal needs of the people.

3.To address legal problems of people by giving appropriate legal advises.

4.To provide free legal services to weaker section of society.

3rd September, 2021

Sexual harassment at workplace is highly prevalent in India and there is a need to provide a positive environment to the women workers. Government should make separate laws dealing with this issue. It should also realize that women worker also constitute a part of working population in India and it’s the duty of the government to provide them security at work. New strategies should be made by the employers and managers to protect the organization from this evil. Government and employers should ensure that women should be treated equally and gender discrimination should not take place at the workplace. Effective implementation of the policies can reduce the manifestation and mutilation of the sexual harassment to the minimum. One organization can alter its approach to handle sexual harassment by viewing other organizations tactic. This will reduce or eliminate glitches caused by this harmful transgression. Government should understand that separate laws may not bring about equality in gender relations but a law dealing with sexual harassment would provide women immense support in their struggle. At last we want to say that women should not accept anything as it is because now it’s the time to speak out against all the injustice done to them.


Learning Outcomes

1.To provide guidelines for addressing sexual harassment

2.To provide support to victim of sexual harassment.

3.To explain legal and other consequences of Sexual Harassment.

4.To make the students understand their role and responsibility in ensuring a work, education or training environment free of sexual harassment.

6th April, 2021

Being the part of the largest democracy, knowledge of law serves the people with the tool of power and self-realization. Unless the people are aware of rights, they cannot live in consonance with the true dictates of democracy and rule of law. Legal literacy is commonly understood as knowing the primary level in law. To achieve this target the law webinar was organized by Sh. Jaapinder Singh, CJM Jalandhar.


Learning Outcomes

1.To improve the institutional capacities of key justice service providers to enable them to effectively serve the poor and disadvantaged.

2.To empower the poor and disadvantaged sections of society to seek and demand justice services.

3.To create legal awareness among the young minds and educate them about their rights, duties, and laws.

4.To make the students aware about their legal rights and responsibilities.

5th April, 2021

Writing is an important part of life, whether at School, College, University as part of studies also referred as ‘Academic Writing’ or at workplace and business, referred to as ‘Professional Writing’. It helps express feelings and thoughts to the other in a relatively permanent way and helps express thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs. Writing encourages and enhances critical thinking, creative thinking and helps in organizing thoughts and improve communication skills. Writing also improves develop professional arguments about a topic and articulate opinions. It also helps in better presentation of facts. For students, good writing skills are important also when writing their SoP (Statement of Purpose) for admission to universities, colleges for higher education. It is important therefore, that every student develops good writing skills and can continuously improve it. Many students of law department participated in this competition.

Learning Outcomes

1.To pursue independent research on a focused topic.

2.To develop research and communication skills.

3.To develop the skills of creative and critical thinking.

4.To experience the excitement of intellectual discovery.

2nd March, 2021

Every law student must understand that there are a few essential aspects of law school that they must know. These comprise of things like writing a research paper, taking part in various conferences and competitions, etc. Of these, a key aspect of pursuing law as a career option is the exposure to “Moot Court” and the related academic activity of “Mooting”. Mooting is basically an earnest attempt to Create, witness and take part in a court proceeding and an exercise to lear the court crafts. To achieve this task the moot court competition was held on 2nd March, 2021 and students participated in this completion with full enthusiasm.



Learning Outcomes

1.To make the students familiar with the oral proceedings that take place in the real Court Rooms.

2.It inculcates among the students and enhance their speaking and legal skills.

3.Mooting helps students understand the importance of arguing passively in front of the judge and learn to work under pressure to reach the goal.

4.Mooting helps in the overall development of a law student to become a proficient lawyer with exceptional argument skills based on law.

Celebration of Constitution Day
26th November, 2020

School of Law& Legal Studies organized an online quiz competition to celebrate the Constitution Day on 26th November, 2020. The programme started at 11.a.m. with the welcome address by Dean School of Law &Legal studies, Dr.Kamaljeet Kaur. She welcomed the students and cheered them up for participating in the contest with a great Zeal. She also addressed the students with certain important facts of the Constitution that Constitution Day is celebrated in India on November 26 every year. On this day, back in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India formally adopted the Constitution of India, which came into effect on January 26, 1950. She appreciated the initiative and expressed that such academic events must be conducted frequently.The students participated with full enthusiasm and zeal. Winners named Loveleen Kaur and Shakti were declared on the basis of scores.  All of them were appreciated by the authorities.


Learning Outcomes

1.To spread the importance of Constitution.

2.To spread the thoughts and ideas of the Father of Indian Constitution- Dr. B.R Ambedkar

3.To create awareness among the students about the ideals and values contained in our Constitution.

4.To celebrate the Law Day as a symbol of respect for the framers of our Indian Constitution.