Chancellor's Message
Chancellor DAV University

Punam Suri, President

DAV College Managing Committee

"Om Vishwani Deva
Savitardurtani Parasuva
Yadbhadram Tannaasuva"

How beautifully sublime is this holy mantra from the Vedas! It captures the essence of the very purpose of human existence, which is, to imbibe the good and discard the evil. This divine mantra was very close to the hearts of Maharishi Dayanand and Mahatma Hansraj, the inspiration and founder of DAV movement respectively, and today forms the bedrock of the ethos and values of DAV.

DAV – Dayanand Anglo Vedic – a concept that is in its amalgamation of our ancient heritage and modernity. “Dayanand” and “Vedic” are the primary motive forces at work for the DAV movement, connoting the richness of the Maharishi’s and our ancient value system and the profundity of Vedic wisdom. Steadfastly balanced between the two “Anglo” that refers to the best of the western knowledge.

Therefore, our goal is clear: in DAV, we are to provide education and expanded knowledge at par with the best in the world while keeping it well within the parameters of our ancient Vedic heritage. We are to set and achieve highest standards in education as our sublime mission is man-making.

I am immensely ecstatic in expressing my conviction that DAV University, Jalandhar shall manifest the highest standards of academic excellence. The university shall be the harbinger of a new era in the domain of higher education to further enrich the traditions of DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi.

DAV students must get the best of the two worlds: they compete with the world for knowledge and opportunities, and imultaneously build a strong, noble character rooted in vedic values. At DAV, we fully understand that the aim of education is not just to impart  knowledge but also to build character.

As part of DAV organization today, we pledge ourselves once again to adhere to the virtues of humanity, honesty and truth. Society today is in turmoil and therefore, we keep cherishing the message from Rigveda. We must not forget that progress rarely happens without sacrifice and dedication.

“Be glorious and dazzling like the Sun, remove all vices and dispel darkness from the world within and without.”