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The Glambition - Fashion Club

"""Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway."""

GLAMBITION, the dynamic fashion club of DAV University, has been an epitome of style and creativity since its inception in 2013. Over the years, it has evolved into a thriving community of fashion enthusiasts who possess the innate ability to ignite the ramp with their unique and exotic personas, characterized by a dazzling array of sparkles, bold details, daring creations, and a profound appreciation for aesthetic quality.

The club takes pride in bridging the gap between contemporary fashion trends and its deep-rooted connection to tradition and culture.


  1. Fashion Shows: As a core activity, GLAMBITION organizes and participates in fashion shows. These events provide students with hands-on experience in modelling, styling, choreography, and event management, boosting their confidence and fostering their passion for fashion.
  2. Personality Development: GLAMBITION recognizes the importance of personal growth alongside fashion expertise. The club conducts workshops and seminars on topics like confidence-building, communication skills, and self-presentation, helping members enhance their overall personality.
  3. Workshops and Training: The club regularly conducts workshops and training sessions in various aspects of fashion. These sessions are designed to equip members with practical skills and industry knowledge.
  4. Modelling Teaching Sessions: GLAMBITION offers modelling teaching sessions to help aspiring models perfect their runway walk, poses, and expressions. This training is essential for those interested in pursuing a career in modelling .
  5. Trend Development and Innovation: The club keeps a keen eye on emerging fashion trends and encourages members to explore their creativity. GLAMBITION promotes the development of innovative fashion concepts and designs, fostering an environment of experimentation and originality.




Faculty Coordinator:

Name: Dr. Hiteshwari Sabrol
Designation: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Computer Science and Applications

Student Coordinator:

Name: Kumar Aniket
Program: BBA (CBME) 3rd Year


GLAMBITION, the fashion club of DAV University, hosts a variety of exciting events throughout the year to showcase talent, celebrate diversity, and promote fashion culture on campus. Here are some of the key events organized by the club:

  1. Miss Teej: Teej is a traditional festival celebrated with enthusiasm, and this event pays homage to it in a fashionable way. It involves a fashion show where students can display traditional and cultural attire while celebrating the spirit of Teej.
  2. Mr & Miss Spectrum: This event is all about celebrating the diverse talents and personalities within the university. It provides a platform for students to showcase their unique styles and talents, not limited to just fashion but also encompassing various skills and abilities.
  3. Mr & Miss Hostel Night: Hostel Nights are often a memorable part of university life. This event combines fashion, entertainment, and camaraderie as students from hostels compete for the titles of Mr and Miss Hostel. It's a fun-filled evening that highlights both style and talent.
  4. Mr & Miss DAVUtsav: DAVUtsav is a significant cultural festival at the university, and this event adds a touch of fashion and glamour to the festivities. It features a fashion competition where students can express their creativity and fashion sense in line with the festive spirit of DAVUtsav.

Gallery at a Glance







  • SPECTRUM 1.0 –
    1. Ms. Spectrum- Shivika Rajpal (M.Tech. ECE)
    2. Mr. Spectrum- Karamjot Singh (B.Tech. Chemical Engineering)
  • Our fashion team bagged second position in ECSTASY- (DAVUtsav- 2016)
  • Apart from these, our club students have represented the university at various fashion show events including Mr. Panache 2015 held at Chitkara University, Rajpura (Punjab) and Mr. Universumm 2016 held at Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana (Ambala).