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Echoes Club

The Echoes Club aims to provide a platform for students who are passionate about public speaking, hosting events, and mastering the art of effective communication. The club will focus on developing and honing the skills necessary for successful anchoring, such as public speaking, stage presence, improvisation, and event management. Members of the club will have the opportunity to host various university events, including seminars, workshops, cultural festivals, and other gatherings.

Purpose and Objectives:

  1. 1) Enhancing Communication Skills: The Anchoring Club will strive to improve students' communication and presentation abilities, preparing them for success in both their academic and professional lives.
  2. Event Hosting: The club will be responsible for hosting and anchoring university events, ensuring that they are conducted smoothly and engagingly.
  3. Promoting Campus Culture: By organizing and participating in various events, the Anchoring Club will contribute to the development of a lively and inclusive campus culture at DAV University.
  4. Leadership Development: The club will offer leadership opportunities to its members, allowing them to take charge of organizing events and managing teams effectively.
  5. Networking: Through interactions with guest speakers, alumni, and other clubs, members will have the chance to expand their network and gain valuable insights into different fields.

We believe that the Anchoring Club will not only enrich the student experience at DAV University but also provide valuable skills and experiences that will benefit our students in their future endeavors.

Activities by the Echoes Club:

1) Anchoring at the star cast programmes. Most recent visit of Gadi Jandi Hai Chalanga Mardi and many more.

2) Anchoring at different department events. Most recent Anchoring at the Hindi Diwas and many more

3) Anchoring at the other events of the University.

List of Teachers Club Cordinators

Dr.Namrita Kalia and MS Sanjana Cheema

List of students club Cordinators

Parneet ( Education Department) and Nancy ( Agriculture Department)

Event scheduling: The objective of an event scheduling is to put all the performances on a sequence and to keep track of all the events with the time allotted.