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Reejh Club

About the Club: Regardless of whose department they are in, every university student is a part of the Reejh Club. This Club helps students stay in touch with our state’s rich cultural traditions, beliefs, and customs. Extracurricular activities expand the possibilities for social engagement and the formation of new relationships. They get the opportunity to learn more about people with diverse interests and cultures of punjab because the each of these activities are group-focused and include students from many niches. Interaction with people from various backgrounds aids in the development of pupils' interpersonal abilities.


  1. Students are exposed to a variety of cultural activities of Punjabi Folk throughout the year in order to shape their personalities.
  2. In addition to taking part in a wide range of activities, students have first-hand experience planning and running activities that support their creative needs.
  3. The Reejh Club strives to foster students' intellectual, organizational, and social skills in addition to providing a platform for creativity.
  4. The functioning of the club makes it implicit for students to acquire abilities like leadership, teamwork, sharing success and failure, and taking responsibility.


Faculty Coordinators

  1. Dr.Ranjodh Singh Assistant Professor, Civil Engg.
  2. Ms. Sakshi Assistant Professor, School of Law & Legal Studies
  3. Mr.Jobanpreet Singh, Assistant Professor, Education


Student Coordinators

  1. Tarun Kashyap 12000835
  2. Jasleen Kaur 12200322