School of Law & Legal Studies Curriculum and Syllabi

1st Semester

Economics-I Click here

English-I Click here

Law of Contract syllabus  Click here

Law of Torts syllabus Click here

Political science syllabus I Click here

Psychology Syllabus I Click here


2nd Semester

English-II Click here


Macroeconomics Click here

Political science syllabus -II Click here

Psychology Syllabus-II Click here



3rd Semester

Constitutional Law -I Click here

Economics-III Click here

French Click here

Hindi-III Click here

Political Science-III Click here

Psychology-III Click here

Public International Law Click here

Punjabi Click here


4th Semester

Administrative Law Click here

Alternate Dispute Resolution Click here

Constitutional Law-II Click here

Legal History Click here

Political Science-IV Click here

Sociology-I Click here


5th Semester

CrPC-I Click here

Family Law-I Click here

IPC-I Click here

Law of Property Click here

Political Science -V Click here

Sociology-II Click here


6th Semester

CrPC-II Click here

Family Law-II Click here

Industrial Law Click here

IPC-II Click here

POL Science-VI Click here

SOC-III Click here


7th Semester

Company Law Click here

Competition Law Click here

CPC-I Click here

Election Law Click here

Enviornmental Law Click here

Evidence Click here

Media Law Click here

Women and Criminal Law Click here


8th Semester

Banking Law Click here

Business Laws Click here

Citizenship Click here

CPC-II Click here

Drafting Click here

Gender Justice Click here

Land Laws Click here

Local Self Government Click here


9th Semester

Forensic Science Click here

Health Laws Click here

Interpretation of statutes Click here

Moot Court and Internship Click here

Professional Ethics Click here

Socio Economic Offences Click here


10th Semester

Criminology Click here

Information Technology Laws Click here

International Commercial Arbitartion F Click here

IPR Click here

Moot Court and Internship ( Criminal) Click here

Taxation Law Click here


B.A.LL.B (Hons.) 5 years integrated course 2020-25 Click here