School of Law & Legal Studies Department Highlights
  • School of law offers variety of fields in law including: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Women Law, Social Change, Human rights Law, International law and Economic Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Environment and Climate Change and Clinical Legal Programmes.
  • School of law inculcates sound research and writing skills among students by requiring them to write research papers and participate in the activities of the Research Centers.
  • School of law has also entered into collaborations, exchange programmes, research partnerships and other forms of engagement and interaction with other organizations across the globe.
  • School of Law offers a provision of moot court that helps in the overall development of a student as a good and proficient lawyer and participating in Moot Court Competition regularly makes a student familiar with the proceedings that take place generally in real courtrooms.
  • Legal aid Clinic is a student-run committee which offers legal and paralegal services. It has a twin mandate of spreading legal awareness and providing free legal assistance to the socially and the economically backward sections of the society who have difficulty accessing the judicial system. Additionally, Students gain practical ‘lawyering’ skills by assisting clients on ‘real-life’ issues. Also, this experience can guide students in appreciating the complexities of legal theory. In addition, it allows them to seek out shortcomings in legal systems or procedures.