Department of Botany & Environment Studies

Botany is the scientific study of the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants. It includes the study of morphology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and their role in maintaining the ecosystems. Botanists study how plants evolve and adapt to changing climates and environments and also how they interact with other organisms. They have a pivotal role in mitigating the loss of biodiversity. With the challenges posed by environmental changes on the existing flora, the significance and scope of Botany has widened to a great extent. With the growing world population, there is continous need of increasing the food supplies. The search for new drugs, medicines and useful genes for improving crops will continue to create a need for botanical explorers. The Department of Botany focuses on all the aspects discussed above.

Keeping pace with the advanced knowledge, the Department updates the curriculum from time to time and has recently introduced the Choice Based Credit System. The Department has sufficient infrastructure and expert faculty in different fields of Plant Sciences. Students are taken to botanical gardens, herbariums, museums, and research institutes which help them to understand about plant diversity, plant taxonomy and state of the art research that are being carried out in different laboratories.

In addition to teaching, the faculty members are also engaged in research and publications that have added immense value to the academic milieu. They counsel the students to ensure their multi-dimensional development. The principal focus of the department lies on the areas like plant physiology, plant biochemistry, stress physiology, plant nutrition, cancer chemoprevention using natural plant products, and mycorrhizal biology.

Human being is inherently connected with nature. In the process of evolution, we are continuously degrading our environment. However, it has become a life-affirming need to take strict actions for safeguarding our surroundings not only for ourselves but also for our future generations. For this, it is important to inculcate cognizance and perception about environmental issues in the youth who are our torch-bearers into the future. With this intent, Environmental Science Department was established in DAV University in 2013. As per the UGC guidelines, this department teaches Environmental Studies course to all under-graduate programmes. The department has illustrious and highly motivated faculty having doctoral and Post-Doctoral research experience. The faculty imparts knowledge of environment to students through awareness schedules followed by interactive sessions and discussions.