Department of Physics Research Scholars

The Department of Physics boasts of its well qualified 12 faculty members who have received their doctoral degrees from reputed institutes/universities such as IITs, NITs, PU, GNDU, TU as well as from abroad (Canada). The faculty members of the department have published more than 50 research papers in various peer reviewed international journals during last five years. The department has been awarded national and international projects of about Rs. 1 Crore. There are nine students conducting research in a variety of fields in order to earn their Ph. D degrees. The department also offers research projects to M. Sc. students in their final year for their better prospects in future.

  • Various areas of research

Aiming to provide knowledge to the students in key research areas such as Theoretical Plasma Physics, Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Nonlinear Optics, Liquid Crystals, Thin films, Chalcogenides, Nanotechnology, Nanomagnetism, Photovotaics and Space Technologies, the faculty of the department has been putting its best efforts utilizing modern teaching methodologies and research facilities.

  • Information about Research Projects going on in the department is as follows:


Title of Project


Funding agency




Name of PI and Co-PI




Probable date of completion



Spectroscopy Study of Multifunctional Multiferroics Materials

DST, India and the  State  Agency  of Science,  Innovation  &Informatization  of  Ukraine


Rs. 22.57 Lakhs (Indian side) + 450000 UAH (Ukraine side)


DrGurmeet Singh 


Professor OleksandrTovstolytkin, Institute of Magnetism, Ukraine

3 years


September 2018



Exploring rogue waves in the inhomogeneous waveguide array and their potential control



Rs. 10Lakhs

Dr.Rama Gupta

3 year

September 2021