Department of Physics Department Highlights
  • The department has been awarded national as well as international collaborative projects worth more than Rs. 1 Crore.
  • The faculty members of the department have published more than 50 research papers in various peer reviewed international journals during last five years.
  • Several students of the department have qualified prestigious national level tests such as GATE-2018, JEST-2017, JEST-2018 and IIT-JAM-2018.
  • Department organises specialized lectures of eminent scholars from time to time. In this series, Prof S K Tripathi (PU, Chandigarh, 2015), Prof B R Mehta (IIT Delhi, 2015), Dr Tulsi Nandan Parashar (University of Delaware, USA, 2015), Prof Manoj Kumar Sharma (TU, Patiala, 2016), Prof A. Tovstolytkin (Institute of Magnetism, Ukraine, 2016), Prof Mahavir Singh (HPU, Shimla, 2017) have delivered specialized lectures. 
  • Department organises workshops and short term courses from time to time. In this series, department organized a workshop on “Solid State Devices-SSD 2015” and a short term course from 10 May 2017 to 17 May 2017 on “Influences of the Sun on Earth and the Solar System-2017” conducted by Dr Tulsi Nandan Parashar (University of Delaware, USA, 2017).
  • The department offers high tech facilities for performing advanced experiments such as Zeeman Effect, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Electron Spin Resonance, Geiger Muller Counter, Microwave Bench, Hall Effect and many more. The department runs four advanced research labs that include three experimental labs and one lab to conduct theoretical research work. The research labs comprise a variety of advanced research equipment such as FTIR (Alpha T, Brucker, Germany), Spectrofluorometer (Cary Eclipse, Agilent USA), Spin Coating Unit (Apex Instruments, Kolkata), High temperature muffle furnace (Tempo Make, Mumbai), Ceramic hot plat and magnetic stirrer (Remi Make, India), Centrifuge Machine, High Precision Weighing Balance, Impedance Meter etc.