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Department of Botany & Environment Studies Study Material

2(e). Introduction to Remote Sensing Click Here
Biomarkers Bioindicators and Ecological Risk Asses Click Here
Concept of waste Click Here
notes of Botany for BSc.B.Ed Semester -IV Click Here
Notes II 4th sem Botany Click Here
BOT643_Development of anther and ovule Click Here
BOT333_Selectable markers and Reporter genes Click Here
BOT127_Cooksonia Click Here
BOT127_Selaginella Click Here
BOT127_Equisetum Click Here
BOT127_Internal structure of selaginella Click Here
BOT127_Reproduction in selaginella Click Here
BOT127_Terms Click Here
BOT127_Pteris Click Here
BOT127_Economic Importance of Pteridophytes Click Here
BOT335_Land resources Click Here
BOT335_Non renewable resources Click Here
BOT335_CBD Click Here
BOT335_Land utilization Click Here
BOT335_soil Click Here
BOT335_Sustainable utilization Click Here
BOT335_EIA Click Here
BOT337_Autofluorescence Click Here
BOT337_Cytogenetic techniques Click Here
BOT337_Written Report Format Click Here
BOT337_Staining Equipments Click Here
BOT533_Phytochrome Click Here
BOT533_flowering Click Here
BOT533_Fruit Development and Ripening Click Here
BOT533_Phytohormones Click Here
BOT533_Seed development and maturation Click Here
BOT533_Seed dormancy and germination Click Here
BOT621_paired t-test Click Here
BOT621_plagiarism Click Here
BOT621_Data Collection and Interpretation Click Here
BOT621_Type of Articles Click Here
BOT621_How to write research paper Click Here
BOT621_Principles of research design Click Here
BOT621_Process of submission of research paper Click Here
BOT621_Proof reading and reviewing Click Here
BOT621_Citation index Click Here
BOT647_centrifugation Click Here
BOT647_Electrophoresis Click Here
BOT647_Protein sequencing Click Here
BOT647_DNA sequencing Click Here
BOT647_Studying gene expression Click Here
BOT647_Radiolabelling techniques Click Here
EVS_Atmosphere and air pollution Click Here
EVS_Hydrosphere and water pollution Click Here
EVS_Lithosphere and soil pollution Click Here
EVS100_Noise and Microbial Pollution Click Here
EVS_Social issues Click Here
EVS_Human Population Click Here
EVS_Local Issues Click Here
BOT540_Navigation and orientation Click Here
BOT540_Parental care Click Here
BOT540_ Altruism and Kin selection Click Here
BOT540_Mating system Click Here
BOT540_Speciation Click Here
BOT649_Plant Genome Click Here
BOT333-Colony Hybridization Click Here
BOT333-Colony Hybridization Click Here
BOT333_Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer Click Here
BOT333_Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer Click Here
BOT333_Direct gene transfer Click Here
BOT333_PCR Click Here
BOT333_PCR Click Here
CHL308_Solid waste Click Here
CHL308_Radioactive waste Click Here
CHL308_Medical Waste Click Here
CHL308_Plastic Recycling Click Here
BOT643_Development of anther and ovule Click Here
BOT643_Fertilization,endosperm and embryo Click Here

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