Department of Microbiology Research Scholars

The present faculty members are actively engaged in pursuing research in frontier areas of microbiology in addition to their teaching assignments. As a result, more than 15 research papers including review articles and book chapters were published from this Department in reputed National and International Journals. To keep a pace with the advancement in frontier areas of Microbiology, our faculty members have been updating their knowledge by visiting conferences at different places.

Research activities are being carried out in various aspects of microbiology like Agricultural Microbiology, Soil and Environmental Microbiology, Fermentation technology, Food and Dairy Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, Medical Microbiology. The research endeavors include isolation and characterization of various agriculturally important microorganisms like plant growth promoting rhizobacteria i.e. phosphate solubilizing bacteria, nitrogen fixing bacteria, siderophore producing bacteria which may be useful in biofertilizer development and biocontrol against plant pathogens. Apart from that, work is also being carried out for production of pigments from fungi as well as production of enzymes from microbial sources for application in various industries. Research efforts are also being made for developing edible films for preservation of food. The edible films offer an eco-friendly alternative over conventional plastics which are very commonly used in food preservation. Research is also being carried out in assessing antimicrobial activities of plant extracts on human pathogens along with antimicrobial sensitivity of drug resistant pathogens. The faculty members are involved in identification and characterization of lead compounds using macromolecular crystallography to find suitable drug candidates to fight against oxidative cell damage.