Department of English Research Scholars

The department teachers have varied research interests. Some of their areas of interest/research are as follows:

  • European Literature
  • Indian Literature
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Film studies
  • Communication Skills
  • Sylistics, Grammar and Literary Analysis
  • Public Speaking, South Asian Literatures
  • English Language Teaching
  • Feminism, Post 9/11 conflicts across Middle-Eastern and African world
  • Subalternity, Agency, Postcolonialism, poetry
  • Translation Studies
  • Research Methodology
  • Non-fiction Prose
  • Creative Writing


Dr. Kapil and Dr. Nakul are supervising research at doctorate level also. Dr. Kapil’s area of specialization is public speaking, besides he is well versed in film studies. Recently Dr. Nakul Kundra has been writing about the works of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Tagore, Raja Rao, Aravind Adiga, and Vikas Swarup.  In addition, he looks forward to exploring the modern teaching methodologies vis-à-vis English as a second language particularly to meet the linguistic needs of Punjabi speaking people. Ms. Nivedita Gupta submitted her doctoral thesis titled ‘Negotiating Spaces: A Study of Women’s Marginalization and Resistance in Selected Accounts of Civil Conflict’ in January 2018. She has carried out her research under the guidance of Prof. Runima Sethi, who is a renowned Cambridge University (UK) scholar. Sh. Digvijay Singh holds a distinction in M.Phil. for Dissertation Writing and Viva-Voce. Dr. Anita Abrol has maintained and developed her forte in diverse fields of English language teaching while actively participating as well as designing courses of various theoretical dimensions like functional mode, grammar centric, audio-lingual methodology, comprehension based basic literature based, soft skills based and communicative competence basis.