Department of Civil Engineering Departmental Activities (Events)
  2. Quality construction can prevent earthquake damage by DrRaju Sarkar, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering Delhi Technological University (DTU) on 16sept 2015

Construction of buildings involves high precision and technological expertise. A Scientific design of buildings and their construction using quality material are capable of preventing structure failure during natural or man-made disasters.

Interacting with students, Dr Raju Sarkar, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering Delhi Technological University (DTU), highlighted the importance of tie-beams, shear walls and other safety measures at the time of construction. He advised that adding these features ensures safety of the structure and its occupants. He said that high rise buildings should not have soft-storeys (structure resting on columns without walls in basements) as they might lead to the failure of tall structure during an earthquake.

Dr Sarkar, who has done his post-doctoral fellowship from the University of Nottingham, also discussed the reasons for massive destruction in Bhuj in Gujarat.

Dr K N Kaul, Registrar and Dr Naresh Sahajpal, Dean Academics urged students to follow the engineering norms while planning or constructing any building structure. Prof Ranjodh Singh, from Civil Department said that investment of quality in construction goes a long way to ensure safety and life of the structure. Prof Sudhir Arora from Civil Department said that such events would help students to become better professionals therefore the Department will make sure that events like expert talks are given impetus to facilitate over-all growth of students.

  1. ACC India Limited- an introduction to new cement variants on 16sept 2015

Kamal Johar, Senior Area Manager, ACC India Limited, while talking about Major Challenges Faced in Construction, said that concrete and cement had become integral part of modern construction. Major innovations have taken place in the manufacturing of cement in past few years. “Now cements come in various grades including water repellant cement,” he said.

  1. Utility and Aesthetics of Bridge Design Must Go Together, says Italian Expert Prof Enzo Siviero on 8 march 2016

Enzo Siviero, a professor at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, a consultant professor at Tongji University, Shanghai-China and Vice-head of ConsiglioUniversitarioNazionale (CUN), Italian National University Council at the Ministry of Education in Rome also presented his works carried out across the world featuring some of the world’s best bridges.


Although function and utility in the construction of bridges should be given priority, aesthetic considerations in their design and execution should also be made integral. A noted expert and professor of Structure Mechanics in an Italian University Prof. Enzo Siviero, who delivered a guest lecture at DAV University, said a bridge did not require having the same monotonous beam design but it should also gel with its surroundings. A structure design expert should not ignore aesthetic aspect of construction as bridges also play a vital role in linking cultures and people. The guest lecture was hosted by Elemental – a technical club of the Department of Civil Engineering at DAV University.


  1. Lecture on STAD PRO by Carrier motives (06-11-2017)

The lecture was attended by the 7th semester B-Tech Civil student for the improvement of their skills regarding designing of buildings and learning of structural design. The above said lecture was conducted in the conference hall on 06 November 2017 from 02:00-03:00 PM.

The Lecture was presided over by Dr. Jasbir Rishi, Dean Academics, and was delivered by Dr.Rajesh Khanna.

Event to celebrate the International day for Disaster Risk Reduction-2021

Start of the PPT session by Dr. Sudhir Arora (HoD)

PPT by student on the related topic

Students of CED participating in the event

PPT by Dr. Gaurav Sharma                                           Student’s efforts were appreciated

United Nations General Assembly has designated 13th October as International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction to promote a global culture of disaster risk. The department of Civil Engineering has also celebrated this day on 13-10-2021 to make the students understand about the importance of this day. The primary goal of disaster risk reduction is prevention. But when that is not possible, then it is important to minimize the harm to people, assets and livelihoods through early warning systems. So the motto of the celebration of this day was to aware and involve students to spread the knowledge for the prevention of disasters through PPTs. The event was organized by Dr. Sudhir Arora (HoD CED) and Dr. Gaurav Sharma (Faculty CED).


  • Two-day Workshop on “Safe structural design and Architectural Green Building Construction" in collaboration with Tata Tiscon.

 Dr. Havinder Singh of GNDEC Ludhiana gave valuable key points on economical construction practices to the audience

A two-day Workshop on Safe structural design and Architectural Green Building Construction has organized by the department of Civil Engineering in collaboration with Tata Tiscon on 21-09-2019 and 05-10-2019. Mr. Rohin Kaushik, Assistant Professor facilitated all the activities related to the workshop. The people from industry and academic participated in the workshop. Professor (Dr.) Harvinder Singh, (GNDEC Ludhiana) explained the technical ley-points to be utilized in industry to the architects, builders, contractors, and students. The specifications as per Indian standard codes of steel and concrete have been discussed with participants during the brain storming session for its implementation by the direct users in the field.



Students of B.Tech. along with faculty members of Civil Engineering Departments of DAV University at STP Pholriwal, Jalandhar

Focus Area –The purpose of the visit was to familiarize the students with the procedure of municipal waste-water treatment and reuse.

Effectiveness of Education and Extent of Participation- Department of Civil Engineering, DAV University Jalandhar organized a visit of its students to the sewage treatment plant Pholriwal Jalandhar on 27 November 2018 for a group of 47 students of Civil Engineering. Students were accompanied by the faculty members Mr. Nitish Sharma and Mr. Ankush Dogra.


The visit was quite helpful for the students to get the practical knowledge regarding the functioning and process of municipal wastewater treatment plant. They came to know about the importance of water purification. STP Pholriwal covers an area of 86 acres. It has 3 units. Two of SBR technique of capacity 25 MLD each and one of UASB technique of capacity 100 MLD.




A token of remembrance was presented to Dr. Agnihotri by Dr. Sudhir Arora

A token of remembrance was presented to Dr. Cheema by Dr. Mahajan (Vice Chancellor)

A One-Day Workshop on Recent Practices in Structural and Geo-Environmental Engineering was organized by the Civil Engineering department on 05-10-2018. The experts were from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar and Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana.

The expert lecture on Geo-synthetic material was delivered by Dr Arvind K Agnihotri Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar.

The expert lecture on solid waste management was delivered by Dr. Puneet Pal Singh Cheema (Asso. Prof, GNDEC Ludhiana). The lecture generally refers to the problem of solid waste in our urban cities. The remedial measures were discussed with gathering and a fruitful conclusion was made to minimize solid waste by using organic materials more in our daily uses, than inorganic materials.

The workshop was Presided over by Dr. Sudhir Arora (HoD), Mr. Ranjodh Singh (A.P.), Mr. Rohin Kaushik (A.P.).