Department of Biochemistry Research Scholars

The Department of Biochemistry offers excellent research exposure to its undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. Undergraduate students learn the basics of techniques used in biology research with emphasis on biochemistry. Masters students are offered research projects in fields associated with biochemistry. During project work, students learn the skills of experiment designing, protocol optimization, scientific writing and presentation of research data.  

Some of the key research areas of department are:

Membrane Interacting Proteins:

Gene Expression regulation

Cell Biology and Immunology: The department also focuses on providing detailed theoretical knowledge and hands on exposure of some of the core techniques pertaining to the fields of immunology and cell biology. Under expert supervision, every student of the department gets the opportunity to perform techniques like western blotting, ELISA and other antigen-antibody interactions, visualization and analysis of blood cells using microscopy etc. The department aims at overall development and skill enhancement of the students opening enormous job and research avenues for them.

Protein Stability and Enzyme Inhibition: Proteins are the workhorses of the cells. Protein function is dependent on their structure, which can be influenced by various factors. Department is actively involved in research focused on the physiological, pathophysiological and environmental factors involved in protein structural destabilization. Major objectives of these studies are the elucidation of the mechanistic basis of enzyme inhibition and protein aggregation.

Stress Adaptation in Plants: Another area of research in the Department of the biochemistry is plant stress adaptation at gene and protein level. Studies have been conducted on the temporal and spatial accumulation of different boiling stable proteins, commonly known as hydrophilins in locally grown drought tolerant and sensitive cultivars of wheat. These proteins might be conferring a protective role to the tolerant cultivars of wheat under different environmental constraints.


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