Dr.Rajan Kumar Sharma

I Submitted dissertation in M.A. II entitied "Kashmir as a Factor in Indo-Soviet Relations'" to G.N.D.U. in 1981.

  1. Written two text books for +2 and M.A.II classes.

III. Attended 41s  All India Political Science Conference (APSC) at Ranchi on 12-14 October 1984 and presented a paper on "Pakistan And The Indian Ocean. Abstract Published in APSA Abstracts Paris)

IV Attended a seminar at Panjabi university, Patiala on 25-26 February, 1992 and presented a paper, Pakistan in the Indian ocean: Its implications for lndia's Security.

  1. A paper entitled ,"Sino-lndian Relations: Problems and Prospects" presented at UGC seminar held in the Department of Political Science, GNDU, ON 21-23 March , 1983.
  2. Attended 42 All India Political Science Conference (APSC) at Osmania University, Hyderabad on 15-1/ May, 1983 and presented a paper entitled "Soviet Strategy in South Asia.

VII. Adjudged as one of the most active and regular participants in UGC sponsored workshop for college teachers of Political Science held on 12-13 December, 1988 in the Department of Political Science, GNDU, Amritsar.

VIII. An article, "India and The Soviet Scheme for Asian Security: From Brezhnev's "Asian Collective Security to Gorbachev's Asian-Pacific Security", published in Punjab Journal of Politics, Vol. XII, NO.2. July-December 1988, (Referred Journal ISSNO 253-382 Abstract published in International Political Science Abstracts (Paris).

IX.Attended (OC held by Academic Staff College, GNDU, Amritsar in May 1993

XII. Contributed articles, "The US policy in Kashmir. Shifting Perceptions and Policy Choices, in November 1993; WTO: India in the New World", in 1997, "The Coalition Culture" in 1998 and "The BJP's Foreign Policy; A Fiasco" in February, 1999 to College Magazine, The Doab.

 XIII. Presented a Paper, " India's Gulf Policy: Challenges and Opportunities" at a seminar in DAV College, Jalandhar on 21* February, 1991.

XIV. Participated in UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Identity Crisis of Working women with special reference to the pursuit’s of women" held at KMV College, Jalandhar on 16th and 17th March, 2002.

  1. Attending and regularly participating in seminars and symposia organized by Punjab Academy of Social Sciences, literature and Culture (PASSLC) at Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall, Jalandhar.

XVI. Presented a paper entitded "The US and Human Rights: A study of War in Afghanistan and Iraq" at UGC Golden Jublee National Seminar on "Fundamentalism and Terrorism-A Threat to Human Rights" held at Doaba College, Jalndhar on 27th November, 2003. Besides resource person he was a member of organising committee of the seminar.

XVII. Presented a paper "Foreign Policy of India in Changing Scenario" at a UGC-sponsored seminar at Shanti Devi Arya Mahila College, Dinanagar on March 3, 2009.

 XVIII. Presented a Paper" Kashmir and Indo-Pak. Relations," at UGC-sponsored Seminar held at B.D. Arya College, Jalandhar Canti. On Oct. 30,2010.

 XIX. Presented a Paper "Khap Panchyat & Honour Kilings: From Tradition To Modernisation" at National Seminar held at Kamla Nehru College for Women, Phagwara on Nov-20,2010.

  1. A paper,"Honour Killings and Khap Panchayat. in Haryana" presented at ICSSR-National uan Seminar on, Kughts Jurisprudence in Indian Constitution, organized by Arya (College , Ludhiana, on January 28,2011.

XXI. A Presented a paper on India's is Nuclear policy," at a UGC-sponsored Seminar on Indo-US Nuclear Deal, organized by Prem Chand Markanda S.D. College for Women, Jalandhar Mary 15,2011

XXII. Presented a paper, " Human Rights In India: Implications & Vioation's," at UCGC. sponsored Seminar at Khalsa College Garhdiwala (Hoshiarpur) on March 18,2011.

XIII. Presented a paper," US Policy in South Asia: A study of Kashmir Question." at UGC. sponsored, seminar at HMV College, Jalandhar on Sept 3, 2011.

XXIV. Presented a paper:" Women Human Rights in Punjab & Haryana: A study in Contrasts," at UGC Sponsored Seminar organized by Kama Nehru College for Women on February 11,2012.

XXV. Participated as a Resource Person in UGC sponsored one day workshop on " Iive-In-Relationship" organised by HMV College, Jalandhar, Sept 29,2012.

XXVI. Participated and presented in research Paper on " Media & Human Rights.: Role of Judiciary & Civil Society," orgnised by PG Dept. of Journalism& Mass Commincation, Doaba College, Jalandhar on Jan 22,2013.

XXVII. A paper " Caste Violence in Haryana: A Predicament of a Dalit Women," presented at ICSSR sponsored National Seminar organized by Kamla Nehru Colleri tor Women, Phagwara on March, 2, 2013.

 XXVIII. A paper," The Day of Shame: Telengana In Parliament," presented at ICSSR North-Western Regional Centre, Organised by B.D. Arya Girls College, Jalandhar Cantt, on March, 1, 2014.

XXIX. Participated as an expert in a live phone in programme "Gallan to Geet" telecasted by DD Punjabi on the topic "Elections and the Indian Constitution on 16 May 2014.

XXX Anchored a discussion program "Prashan Chinh: Bharti Ganraaj de 65 saal, a Paricharcha" organized by AIR Jalandhar on 16 January 2015

 XXXI. Acted as a chairman in a technical session in a one day International Conerence on "Peace, Terror and United Nations, Structuring Gandhian Principles in the Age of Extreme" held at JC DAV Dasuya on 31 January, 2015

XXXII. Acted as an expert speaker on the topic " The Gandhian Ideology of Sarvodya" telecasted by DD Punjabi on 20 February 2015.

XXXIII. Attended 56th All India Political Science Conference (1PSA) held at BHU Varansi on 25-27 October 2915 and presented a paper on "India in the World: Our Modified Foreign Policy" abstract published in IP'SA abstract (Reinventing Politics in India)

XXXIV. Presented a paper on "Cultural Values and Humar Rights" at UGC sponsored National Seminar on Human Rights Education organized by HMV college, Jalandhar on 5 November 2015.

XXXV. Acted as expert speaker in a live phone in programe "Gallant te Geet" telecasted by DD Punjabi on the topic of death anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel on 15 December 2015

XXXVI. Acted as a judge in a one day inter-school Declamation Contest held by Swami Dayanand Study Centre. Doaba College Jalandhar on 28 January 2016.

XXXVII. Delivered an extension lecturc on "lmportance of Right to Vote," at I rinty (C College Jalandhar n 5) January 2016.

XXXVIII. Presented a paper," Minimum (Govt. & Maximum Govenace" at lCSSR North W'es1ern Regional Centre (Chandigarh, sponsored seminar in held at DAV College Jalandhar on February 20, 2016.

AATS. Dclivered an extension lecture on "Kashmir Issue: Problems & Prospects" at DAV ollege Nakodar on 4 October-2016. AAAX. Presented a paper on onc day seminar on "Winability factors in Punjab lections" on 19 Decembe, 2016 organized by ST. Soldier Iaw College Jalandhar.

XXXI. Presented views on Role of Reigion and Caste in Indian politics at a monthly discussion program hcld by Dainik Jagran newspaper on 11 January 2017.

XXXXII. Presented a paper,"Gandhian Concept of Nationalism" at UGC fanded Gandhian Centre Organized National Seminar held at HMV college, Jalandhar in March 11,2017.

 XXXXIII. Presented a paper on "Modi's Foreign Policy" at a seminar organized jointly by Department of Political Science and Department of Geography, Doaba College Jalandhar

XXXXIV. Participated as an interactive monthly discussion program on "Deadlock in the Parliament" organized by Daily Newspaper Dainik Jagtan, Jalandhar on 26th December 2017.

XXXXV. Presented a Paper at ICSSR, North-Western Regional Centre Chandigarh sponsored seminar at DAV College Jalandhar on the topic, " Electoral Reforms & Role of Supreme Court of India'" on 24 February 2018.

XXXXVI. Acted as Presiding Officer in Election Duty to conduct Punjab Assembly Election on 2012 and got appreciation letter from SDM-cum-Returning Officer Jalandhar. Also acted as Presiding Officer in Jalandhar Municipal Elections on 17 December 2017; Panchayat Samiti and Zila Parishad Elections on 19 September 2018 and Gram Panchayat Elections held on 30 December 2018.

XXXXVII. Invited by APJ College of Fine Arts Jalandhar as Subject Expert to recruit Assistant Professor in Political Science on 6 June 2018.

 XXXXVIII. Participated in live discussion at DD Punjabi in a program named 'Gallan te Geet on topic Vigyanic Soojh ate Manukhi Vikas" on 31 April-2018.

XXXXIX. Participated in live discussion on DD Punjabi in a program named 'Galan te Geet on the topic Human Rights Day'" on 10 December 2018.

XXXXX. Invited for discussion on. " Gantantar Divas the Mahatata ate Bharti Savidhan" at DD Punjabi program Aj Da Masla, on January 25,2019.

 XXXXXI. Invited as a Guest Speaker and delivered a talk on "Republic Day and its Significance" at Rotary Club Central Jalandhar on January 25,2019.