Department of Physics Departmental Activities (Events)
  • The Department of Physics organizes specialized lectures of eminent scholars from time to time. In this series Prof.S K.Tripathi (PU, Chandigarh, 2015), Prof. B. R. Mehta (IIT Delhi, 2015), Dr.TulsiNandanParashar (University of Delaware, USA, 2015), Prof.Manoj Kumar Sharma (TU, Patiala, 2016), Prof. A. Tovstolytkin (Institute of Magnetism, Ukraine, 2016), Prof.Mahavir Singh (HPU, Shimla, 2017)have delivered specialized lectures in their respective specialized field of material science, nuclear physics, plasma physics and nanotechnology.
  • The department organizes various workshops and short term courses from time to time.

-The department organized a workshop on “Solid State Devices-SSD” in the year 2015.

-A short term course was held from 10.05.2017 to 17.05.2017 on the topic “Influences of the Sun on Earth and the Solar System-2017” conducted by Dr.Tulsi Nandan Parashar (University of Delaware, USA, 2017).