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Department of Electrical Engineering Laboratories
  • DC machine laboratory:
    • Single and three phase transformers
    • Different types of DC Motors
    • Series/Shunt/Compound DC Generators
  • AC machine laboratory:
    • Load-test on three-phase Induction motor
    • No-load and blocked–rotor tests on three-phase Induction motor
    • Speed control of three-phase Induction motor by Kramer’s Concept
    • Speed control of three-phase Induction motor by cascading of two induction motors
    • Star- delta starters
    • Three-phase slip–ring induction motor
    • No-load and blocked–rotor test on single-phase Induction motor
    • Load–test on single-phase
    • Voltage regulation of an alternator by zero power factor (ZPF.) method
    • Parallel operation of three phase alternators
    • Starting of synchronous motors using Auxiliary motor and Using Damper windings
  • Power Electronics Laboratory:
    • Operation of SCR
    • Characteristics of UJT and to use UJT as relaxation oscillator
    • Effect of free-wheeling diode on power factor for single phase half-wave rectifier with R-L load.
    • Study of single phase full-wave, fully controlled bridge rectifier, for resistive and resistive cum inductive loads
    • Microprocessor based firing control of a bridge converter
    • Three phase fully controlled bridge converter
    • Jones chopper
    • Thyristorised speed control of a D.C. Motor
    • Speed Control of induction motor using thyristors
    • Study of series inverter circuit and to check its performance
    • Single-phase cycloconverter
    • Performance of a McMurray half-bridge inverter
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Laboratory :
    • Verify Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Current Law and Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law
    • Verify Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems
    • Verify Superposition theorem
    • Verify Maximum Power Transfer theorem
    • Study frequency response of a series R-L-C circuit and determine resonant Frequency and Q-factor for various values of R, L and C
    • Frequency response of a parallel R-L-C circuit and determine resonant frequency and Q-factor for various values of R, L and C.
    • Direct load test of a transformer
    • Open circuit and short circuit test on transformer
    • Speed control of DC motor
    • Measurement of power in a three phase system by two wattmeter method
    • V-I characterics of PN-junction diode
    • Verify the truth table of logic gates
  • Measurement and Instrumentation laboratory
    • Wheatstone Bridge
    • Kelvin's Bridge
    • Anderson's Bridge
    • Schering Bridge
    • Wien’s Bridge
    • Photo transistors and photo electric transducers
    • Measurement of Displacement using LVDT
    • Measurement of Temperature using RTD
    • Light Measurement using LDR & Photo Cell
    • Measurement of  Strain using Strain Gauge