Department of Chemistry Research Scholars
  • The faculty members of the Department are actively engaged in pursuing research in frontier areas of chemistry in addition to their teaching assignments. As a result, more than 30 research papers have been published from the Department in reputed National and International Journals. To keep a pace with the advancement in frontier areas of Chemistry, our faculty members have been updating their knowledge by visiting conferences at different places. At present, there are 2 ongoing projects sponsored by DST with total outlay worth around Rs. 30 lakh. The Department of Chemistry has excellent teaching programmes at the graduate and post-graduate level. The department offers theory and laboratory core courses covering basic concepts in various sub-disciplines of chemistry (physical, inorganic, organic).The present research is being carried out on different topics such as synthesis and application oriented organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, computational chemistry, multi-component reactions, methodology & application oriented organic chemistry etc. Newer experiments to widen the scope of chemistry lab are also being designed in order to introduce students to advanced concepts and methods of chemistry.
  • Research Project Information


Title of Project

Funding agency


Name of PI and Co-PI


Probable date of completion


Development of organocatalyzed vinylogous reactions of Isatin derivatives for synthesis of highly functionalized 3,3’-disubstituted-2-oxiindoles: a potential bioactivemolecule




Rs 18.20 lakh

Dr Akshay Kumar

Three year



Engineering Metal Organic Frameworks and Coordination Polymers for catalysis and Sensors



Rs 11.28 lakh

Dr Sadhika Khullar

Three Year