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World Mental Health Day observed in DAV University
October 22, 2021

In DAV UNIVERSITY World Health Day was observed by the Psychology department for creating awareness among students on mental health issues, counseling and outlining some possible treatment options. Theme of the event was “Mental health in an unequal world.”  This event was designed to give a broad overview of what encompasses mental illness, searching the link between cognitive and physical health diagnoses. Students were told about some general strategies for help, how to support individuals who are worried about their overall health, and advice was given from where to find extra support. Students and faculty members from various departments of Education, Engineering, Commerce and Business Management, Law and Legal studies and computer applications were present in the event. Participants were guided how to become mental health professionals.

In the inaugural note Vice Chancellor Dr. Jasbir Rishi shared her views that disturbance in the mental well being not only has a negative impact on students, but also has a serious impact on the community, as today’s students are the future of the nation. Hence, the mental health of the students cannot be ignored at any cost. Registrar Dr. K. N. Kaul and Dean Academics Dr. R.K. Seth emphasized on simple living and high thinking. They said complexity in behavior also creates mental illness.  

Physical activity can help relieve stress so some games were played by pupils to show their strengths and find weaknesses. Speakers were of the view that in stress short walks can help. Even maintaining relationships gives you support and help to fight anxiety.

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