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Students revealed their achievements with a great enthusiasm in DAV University Alumni Meet
May 27, 2021

Jalandhar : DAV University successfully concluded Alumni meet 2021. The alumni meet was held through virtual mode by various departments of DAV University in a phased manner. The alumni meet was organized by various departments of the University which includes Department of Chemistry and ECE, CSE and Chemical, CSA, Physics and Mechanical, Agriculture, CBME and English, Department of Microbiology, Botany and Biochemistry, Department of Mathematics, Psychology and Zoology, Civil, Electrical and Biotechnology, Agriculture and Mathematics.The alumni showed an overwhelming response and actively participated in the meet. Their excitement and enthusiasm during the alumni meet was clearly visible.

Vice-Chancellor (Officiating), DAV University, Dr. Jasbir  Rishi blessed the alumni with her warm welcome and apprised them about the growth and development of the university. She invited the alumni to visit and witness the growth in the infrastructure of the university including the newly built auditorium, the boys' hostel and the student center.

In the Department of Commerce, Business Management and Economics (CBME), DAV University the virtual alumni meet began with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra.The alumni from all the pass-out batches actively participated in this nostalgic home-coming event. The event was anchored by Dr. Gitika Nagrath, Assistant Professor in the department. Thereafter, Dr. Girish Taneja, Head of the CBME Department formally welcomed all the participants and the dignitaries. He said that it was a moment of pride for the department to see many of the alumni placed in good MNC’s or running their successful ventures.

The two interactive sessions were organized during the event. Alumni from different batches interacted with the faculty of the department. They shared about their professional, entrepreneurial and personal achievements. Alumni recollected the joyous moments they had spent with the mentors and their fellow friends. They shared the insights gained during their academic and professional career with their juniors. They also discussed their learning from the university and the important skills required to be developed to be a successful professional. They thanked their mentors for being so cooperative and supportive.

Dr. Sandeep Vij, Associate Professor at CBME Department presented the departmental journey through nostalgic audio-visual presentations. Through the video the alumni were taken back to times when they were students and helped them recall those moments. After the interactive session, a rapid experience sharing session of the alumni was held in which alumni participated and shared their experience and suggestions with the audience. In the concluding speech on behalf of the alumni, Harivansh acknowledged the contributions and incessant support of the faculty members of the CBME Department of DAV University.

The event concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Mr. PranjalPachpore, Assistant Professor, CBME Department. He exhorted the alumni to contribute effectively in internships and placements of their juniors and to remain connected with the university through different networking sites. He thanked every individual involved in making this event a success, especially the participating alumni of the CBME Department.                   

The virtual alumni meet of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (FAS) was attended by about 200 alumni of the pass out batches of year 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. In the FAS the welcome address was given by Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, Assistant Professor, FAS followed by recitation of Gayatri Mantra.Dr. Anju Pathania, coordinator of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, welcomed the alumni and took them down the memory lane through short video where the activities of each pass out batch were highlighted. Later, the alumni shared their memories and experiences and thanked the faculty and university authorities for their continued support. At the end Dr. Anju Pathania presented the vote of thanks.

Registrar (Officiating), DAV University; Dr. K. N. Kauladdressed the participants and extended a warm welcome to all the alumni present in the event. He said that the alumni are the brand ambassadors of our University and efforts should be made to strengthen this relationship to ensure the mutual growth of the alumni and the graduating students of the university. 

Dean Academics (Officiating), DAV University, Dr. R.K Sethhighlighted the different courses run by the university and apprised the alumni about the new PG Diploma courses like Diploma in International Business, introduction of Post graduate courses and different laboratories. He shared his immense pleasure in interacting with confident, committed, and competent alumni of the University.

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