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Panelists urge overhaul of mindsets for gender equality at DAV University
March 09, 2023

Jalandhar March 9

Panelists at a discussion on gender equality emphasized the urgent need for a shift away from outdated mindsets, highlighting the importance of respect and equal opportunities for women to build a prosperous India. The discussion, titled “Gender Equality: Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow,” marked the end of a week-long series of events commemorating International Women’s Day at the University. It was organized under the aegis of the Gender Sensitization Cell in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and NSS Unit at DAV University.

Dr. Sakhi Kaur, a UK-based child psychologist and mental health counselor, stressed the need for mutual respect between genders, and the importance of accepting individuality and personal worth. She called for conversations on uncomfortable topics to create a safe space for victims to come forward with their problems and find solutions. She also emphasized the need to treat the LGBTQ+ community equally and without harassment.

Inderjit Singh Paintal, co-founder of Springboard Learning, called for the equal upbringing of both boys and girls, emphasizing that women's equal participation is vital for socio-economic growth. He urged women to stand up against domestic violence and mental or physical harm, and for parents to teach their sons to respect women.

Dr. Anubha Bharthuar, head of medical oncology and hematology at Patel Hospital, spoke about how women often neglect their health due to their domestic responsibilities, a direct consequence of male dominance in society.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in Jalandhar, Vatsala Gupta, addressed the issue of men treating women as objects and resorting to mental or physical harassment. She emphasized the importance of gender neutrality in official duties and spoke about the cruelty that can arise in live-in relationships.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of DAV University, commended the panelists for their valuable insights and stressed the importance of women believing in themselves and their capabilities to take on bigger and more challenging responsibilities.

Various dignitaries including the Director of Programmes at Mastermind's Business School, London Mr Ahsanul Haq and Registrar of the University, Dr K N Kaul were also present at the occasion.

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