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Guest lecture on Indian Economy in the Post Covid Era
October 29, 2021

A guest lecture on “Indian Economy in the Post Covid Era” was organized for  B.Sc Economics 2nd year & 3rd year and B.Com 1st year students of the department of Commerce, Business Management and Economics (CBME) on 25-10-2021. Dr. Suresh Kumar Khurana, Associate Professor and HoD, P.G Department of Economics, DAV College Jalandhar, was the resource person for the session. Mr. Vinod, Assistant Professor, Department of CBME welcomed the guest speaker.

Dr. Khurana described in detail the effect of Covid pandemic on the Indian economy. A comparison of main sectors of economy namely petroleum, coal, electricity etc. was made based on pre-covid, during and after covid-19 situation.  He explained how the demand patterns have changed all together. Consumer buying behavior has been greatly influenced by the current situation. Based on the situation, demand for different products is modified. Employment rate has been adversely affected. Many companies are in a continuous spree of recovery and have retrenched a large number of their workforce.

He elaborated upon U-shaped recovery of the Indian economy after Covid-19.  Basic fundamentals of the economy and core sectors that have recovered sharply after return to normalcy in the post Covid scenario were discussed.   Dr. Girish Taneja, Associate Professor in the Department of CBME thanked the guest for sparing time for interaction with the students. A memento was presented to the resource person as a token of gratitude.  Dr. Sandeep Vij, Associate Professor, Dr. Satinder Kumar, Assistant Professor and other faculty members were also present in the lecture.  

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