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DAV University students win debate, to represent in inter-varsity competition
February 20, 2024
Jalandhar, Feb 20
Gurjot Singh and Sukhjeevan Kaur, students of B.Tech (CSE) at DAV University, emerged as champions in a debate competition hosted by the university. They will now represent the institution at an upcoming Inter-College and Inter-University Debate Competition organized by the Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development. In the debate, Gurjot Singh argued against the motion, while Sukhjeevan Kaur took the opposing stance. The topic under contention was "India is Reaping the Benefits of its Demographic Dividend."

Gurjot Singh

These winners were selected from the top performers of the preliminary debate competition held earlier by the university. Other winners of the preliminary competition included Mansi Mandla (B. Sc. Hons. Microbiology), Yash Raj Sharma (M. Sc. Zoology), and Jasmeen Tandon (B.Tech CSE), alongside Gurjot Singh and Sukhjeevan Kaur.

Sukhjeevan Kaur

Thirty-two teams, each comprising two participants from various university departments, participated in the event. The judging panel consisted of Prof B P S Bedi, Prof S M Sharma, and Dr. Tejinder Kaur. Dr. Gitika Nagrath, Dean, CBME and Humanities, coordinated the event, with faculty members including Mr. Kewal Krishan and Ms. Purvi Sawhney from CBME, Ms. Monika Supahiya from English, and Ms. Kavita Devi from the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication in attendance.
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