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DAV University students showcase flair for business at exhibition-cum-sale event
April 28, 2023

April 28

DAV University witnessed a lively and creative atmosphere as the Department of Commerce, Business Management, and Economics organized an exhibition-cum-sale of various handmade items. The students showcased their innovative and artistic skills by displaying a range of items such as handcrafted keychains, fashion accessories, paintings, sketches, mehndi, desserts, and beverages, to name a few.

The exhibition-cum-sale provided an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial skills. It also enabled them to practical experience the functional areas of business and learn how to succeed in a competitive market.

The event was inaugurated by Prof (Dr) K N Kaul, the registrar of the university, who appreciated the initiative and highlighted how such events are crucial in introducing students to the practical world of business. The participating students prepared the products themselves, and based on cost plus margin, the items were presented in the exhibition for sale. The students also designed promotional material like brochures, logos, and taglines to showcase their creative abilities.

The exhibition was a grand success as more than a thousand students from various departments of the university visited and purchased different items. The students utilized their entrepreneurial and managerial skills to decorate their stalls and attract customers. They learned how to effectively manage their businesses and reap maximum profits.

Dr. Ashutosh Gupta, Associate Professor, CBME, along with Ms. Bindia and Ms. Pallavi, Assistant Professors, CBME, coordinated the event with great enthusiasm. Dr. Gitika Nagrath, Dean CBME, and Dr. Girish Taneja, Head of Department, CBME, visited the exhibition and congratulated the students and organizers for their hard work and dedication.

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