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DAV University partners with SAP for Co-Op Academic Programmes
July 07, 2023

Jalandhar, July 7

DAV University has taken a significant leap in academic excellence by establishing a collaborative partnership with the multinational giant SAP. DAV University is the first University in the northern region to launch specialized SAP-integrated B Tech CSE, MCA, and MBA programmes. It will provide a distinct advantage to the students in the competitive job market. The collaborative programmes are in conformity with the new National Education Policy (NEP-2020).

Mr. Ravinder Amar, Vice-President and Head of Sales, SAP Cloud Success Services lighting the lamp

Mr. Ravinder Amar, Vice-President and Head of Sales, SAP Cloud Success Services, and Dr. Manoj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, DAV University launched these programmes at a joint ceremony.

DAV University's collaboration with SAP marks a significant milestone in the field of education and industry integration. It sets a new standard for academic programmes by actively involving multinational corporations, enabling students to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and career opportunities.

Mr Phillip Samuel Babu, Head - Higher Education, SAP Cloud Success Services lighting the lamp

Mr. Ravinder Amar highlighted SAP's global dominance in enterprise application software, revolutionizing businesses and technology across more than 180 countries. SAP's expertise assists organizations of all sizes in overcoming complex challenges in their industries and job sectors.

Dr. Manoj Kumar emphasized that DAV University will now offer B Tech and MCA programmes with SAP specialization. Additionally, the MBA programmes in Sales and Supply Chain Management, Finance Management, Human Capital Management, and Agri-Business will also benefit from SAP support. The university has updated the curriculum of these programmes, ensuring that SAP experts deliver courses related to the SAP specialization. Dr. Manoj stated, "These programmes will enhance students' prospects for placements, providing them with a definite advantage over those with regular degrees in these fields."

Mr. Ravinder Amar and Dr Manoj Kumar after signing the agreement with SAP

Mr Phillip Samuel Babu, Head - Higher Education, SAP Cloud Success Services said that the Co-Op academic programmes will foster a symbiotic relationship between employers, DAV University, and the students. With the support of SAP, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, ensuring their readiness to tackle real-world challenges upon graduation, Phillip added.

Various dignitaries including Mr Kamal Stephen, Head - Early Career Talent Attraction at SAP, Mr Trijoy Saikia, Operations Director SAP Practice, HCL, Mr Kanwar Deep Singh, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting, Mr Poobalan A, Head, Higher Education, ERP-Logic, Mr Pradeep Kumar, Manager Skilling and Higher Education, ERP-Logic, Registrar, Dr K N Kaul, Dean Sciences Dr R K Seth, Dean CBME, Dr Gitika Nagrath and Dean Laws Dr Kamaljeet Kaur, faculty and staff were also present at the occasion.

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Saurabh 4/1/2024 6:41:06 PM

I would like to avail the course information for the SAP-integrated course.

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