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DAV University organized World Immunization Day
November 13, 2021

DAV University organized World Immunization Day in the Department of Biotechnology. Major General (Retd.) Dr. Harinder Singh Basra, Head, Department of Community Medicine, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Jalandhar, was the guest speaker on this occasion.

Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. Jasbir Rishi welcomed the chief guest along with Registrar Dr. K.N. Kaul, Dean Academics Dr. R.K. Seth and Dr. Yogesh Kumar. Around 200 students and faculty members took part in the event.

Dr. Basra shared his views on the topic ‘Vaccination and Immunization Practices’. He made the students aware about the discovery and different types of vaccines. He emphasised on the importance of vaccination and immunization in the management of vaccine preventable diseases. He highlighted the role of biotechnologists in the development and mass production of vaccines. He made the audience aware about the vaccination programs run by the Government of India and their significance in community health. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Lakhmir Singh.

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