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DAV University organized Workshop on Personality Development and Effective communication skills.
May 02, 2022

A workshop on “Effective communication skills and Personality Development” was organized by the department of Commerce, Business Management and Economics (CBME), DAV University..  Dr. Jessica Singh, presently Managing Director at Global Careers was the resource person for the sessions.  She has 24 years of experience in the field of training. She has worked with the British Council (New Delhi & Hong Kong) as centre & training head.

The workshop began with lamp lighting by the dignitaries and DAV anthem. Dr. Gitika Nagrath, Assistant Professor, CBME department welcomed the speaker. The Vice Chancellor of DAV University Dr. Jasbir Rishi, Dr. Kailash Nath Kaul; Registrar, Dr. R. K. Seth; Dean Academics felicitated the resource person with a Planter, as a token of gratitude.

Dr. Jessica conducted 2 sessions in the workshop. In the first session she discussed the techniques of attaining success in life. She told the students they need to come out of their comfort zone and be determined in order to achieve success. Self discipline, passion and smart work are the key to success. One should reason out the causes and criticism for one’s failure. Value of discipline involves monitoring your own actions and attitude towards life. She told the students how success could be achieved by 3 L' s i.e. listen, learn and lead. She gave the students a golden statement stating" your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude"

In the second session Dr. Jessica talked about personality and communication skills. She told how the cycle of thoughts, feelings ,attitude, habit, personality and destiny works. She also suggested not being judgmental with people. There were different personalities of people which included : the inspired, the motivated, the open minded, the passionate, and the grateful. She also highlighted the 5 C’s of communication skills, creativity, confidence, commitment and convincing skills which the employers search for in their employees.

It was an interactive session and students actively participated in it. At the end Dr Gitika Nagrath thanked the resource person for her valuable inputs in enhancing communication skills and developing an employable personality. Dr. Sandeep Vij, Associate Professor, Dr. Ashutosh Gupta, Dr. Garima, Ms. Bindia and Dr. Namrita, Assistant Professor CBME Department was also present in the sessions.

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