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DAV University organized voters’ awareness programme
November 26, 2021

DAV University organized Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation programme which is known as SVEEP. This initiative is running under the flagship program of the Election Commission of India for voter education, spreading voting awareness and promoting voter literacy in India, since 2009. Students from all streams were present in the session who were told about the process of choosing our representative through casting votes. This awareness session was done in view of the upcoming Vidhan Sabha election 2022.  

Vice Chancellor Dr. Jasbir Rishi welcomed spokesperson Assistant SVEEP Nodal Officer Surjeet Lal and shared her views on the importance of the electoral process of the system. Mr. Lal addressed about 200 students and faculty members. He explained all the levels of voting in lay man language. He told students to cast their votes on priority basis. Students were given answers to their queries also.

Registrar Dr. K.N. Kaul and Dean Academics Dr. R.K. Seth told how getting proper information on the topic is going to make us smart voters.

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