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DAV University organized international e-conference
November 23, 2021

DAV University organized international e-conference on Intellection, Innovation and Implication in Chemistry IIIC-2021. Around 150 participants across the world were registered in this intellectual meet.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Jasbir Rishi welcomed all distinguished speakers, faculty members, research scholars and delegates from various institutions. Dr. K. N. Kaul, Registrar introduced the Keynote speaker and renowned scientist Prof. Hirotaka Ihara (President, National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College Japan) and congratulated Department of Chemistry for this initiative.  

Dr. R.K Seth, Dean Academics explained the aim of this conference for expanding the possibilities in various fields of chemical sciences and focusing on accelerating the new advancements in the field of technology by utilizing principles of Chemistry.

Prof. Ihara delivered his talk on “Chiral Gel system for light Management Technology” He described the studies about the chiral architecture at various scales in living systems. Prof. Mohammad Mansoob Khan (Faculty of Chemical Science, University of Brunei Darussalam) delivered his talk on “Green Chemistry its Potential in Modern Chemistry, Society and industry”. He described the idea about the potential of green nanomaterials prepared by using various plants.

Prof Suparkas Sinha Ray (Director of the DST/CSIR National Centre of nano Structured Material, South Africa) shared views on “Polymer blended nanotechnology: designing of material with desired properties”.

Prof. Farukh Arjmand (Department of Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh) delivered her thoughts on ‘Metallodrugs targeted to DNA/tRNA as potent anticancer drug candidates’.

Prof. Pallepogu Raghavaiah (Department of Chemistry, Central University of Karnataka) delivered his views on “Chemical Crystallography: Applications in investigating novel multi-domain crystalline assemblies”.

Dr. Mohammad Nazim (Department of Chemical Engineering, Kumah National Institute of Technology South Korea) delivered a talk on organic/ inorganic semiconducting material for green energy applications and degradation of industrial pollutants.

Dr. Vinayak Singh (Senior Research Officer, Institute for Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, South Africa) delivered a talk on ‘In Pursuit of TB Eradication: 16 Years in Tuberculosis Treatment Drug Discovery’.

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