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DAV University, NCC organise seminar against drug addiction
November 22, 2019

DAV University in collaboration with National Cadet Corps (NCC) organised a seminar against drugs at the University. The seminar included an interactive session with youth who gave up their dependence of drugs.  

The keynote speaker at the seminar Brig Advitya Madaan said that youth had abundant energy which could be utilized in a constructive manner. Brig Madaan, who is the Commander of NCC Grup Headquarters, Jalandhar, stated that the majority of recruits in the Army and NCC cadets hailed from Punjab a few years ago. Now their number had declined. One of the suspected reasons for the problem was said to be drug-addiction. Sharing examples from real life, he said that addiction could be overcome with determination.

Brig Advitya addressing the audience

During the programme, about a dozen youth who had given up drug addiction also interacted with the participants. Brig Advitya said that these youth were in fact warriors brimming with mental and physical strength.   

SP Headquarters, Jalandhar Mr Ravinder Pal Singh Sandhu, said that the human body was adaptable. Healthy eating and thinking lead to a healthy life.

NCC cadets from different institutions participating in the seminar

Earlier, Dr Deshbandu Gupta, Vice-chancellor, Registrar Dr. Sushma Arya and Dean Student Welfare Dr. Jasbir Rishi welcomed the guests. Dr. Deshbandu Gupta explained how alcohol could spoil the life of an individual and immediate family.

Dr. Jasbir Rishi advised students not to use shortcuts in life. She said that the ability to delay gratification is the key to success. She said that the psychological orientation too helped in ensuring rehabilitation of the people dependent on drugs.

More than 1000 students attended the seminar. Various dignitaries at the occasion included former Registrar Dr K N Kaul and Dr Gurmeet Singh, in-charge, NCC, DAV University were present.

NCC cadets from different institutions participating in the seminar

Rehabilitated youth share their experience

De-addicted youth from Bolster-Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre shared their experience about falling in the trap of drugs and getting out of it. They told that spending time with family helped them to give up drugs. Positive and focused constructive thoughts and actions were other ingredients for rehabilitation and recovery.

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