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DAV University hosts workshop on sensitising students for community service
March 21, 2023

Jalandhar, March 21

The NSS unit of DAV University organized a workshop to sensitize students towards community service. The workshop aimed at apprising students of the impact that their smallest efforts could have on the lives of those in need.

Dr. Maneet Deewan and Dr Manoj Kumar light the lamp.

The event was conducted by Dr. Maneet Deewan, Director and Co-Founder of CityNeeds Innovation, a virtual platform that connects local NGOs with their nearest and most relevant volunteers and donors.

During the workshop, Dr. Deewan highlighted the numerous social and personal issues faced by people around the world. He emphasized the importance of collective voluntary efforts in reducing the pain and misery of those in need. He urged students to collaborate with peers, NGOs, and the administration to make the smallest efforts that would count in the welfare of the community.

Dr. Maneet Deewan holding the workshop

Dr. Deewan also talked about how helping people could groom individual personalities and bring happiness to those who have adequate means to help those in need. CityNeeds Innovation, the platform that Dr. Deewan co-founded, has partnered with over 70 local NGOs with their dedicated volunteers and mobilized people to donate money, food, books, blood, and clothes to help the needy. The platform caters to various sectors where donors are connected to local NGOs to help fulfill their regular needs or emergency projects.

Students at the workshop

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of the university, emphasized the importance of community engagement and urged students to volunteer to make the world a happier place. Dr. Samriti Khosla, Incharge of NSS at DAV University, highlighted the various causes of social relevance that students at the university had taken up.

In presenting the vote of thanks, Dr. K.N. Kaul, Registrar, stated that public service should be an integral part of any society to progress.

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