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DAV University hosts virtual masterclass on prototype development and market readiness
February 20, 2024

Jalandhar, February 20

DAV University organised a virtual session on "Prototype and Market Readiness". The event organized in collaboration with Startup Punjab – a platform developed by the Government of Punjab to connect startups from Punjab with international partners, investors, and talent – focused on equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential skills for bringing their ideas to fruition.

Dr Adarsh Aggarwal During Online Session

The session held under the aegis of DAV University’s Incubation Centre and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) attracted individuals keen on prototyping and preparing for market entry.

The key speaker Dr. Adarsh Kumar Aggarwal, Vice President of the Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation (CIIF) elucidated upon the intricacies involved in the journey from conceptualisation to market-ready products. He delved into the process of transforming proof of concept (POC) into prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs), providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the developmental stages crucial for market entry.

Students attending the online session

The participants engaged in an interactive question-and-answer session following Dr. Aggarwal’s lecture. They delved deeper into the practical aspects of prototype development and market readiness.

Dr. Sandeep Vij, President, IIC at DAV University, expressed appreciated Dr. Aggarwal, noting that his discussion on go-to-market (GTM) strategy significantly augmented the ongoing Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme.

Session 3 Dr Adarsh Kumar Aggarwal

Dr. Girish Taneja, Incubator Manager at DAV University, extended a vote of thanks on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and the entire university community, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of Dr. Aggarwal towards fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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