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DAV University hosts session on careers in armed forces
February 26, 2024

Jalandhar, February 26

The NCC Unit at DAV University organized a career counselling session on “Avenues of Commission in the Armed Forces and Personality Development” for students and NCC cadets of the university.

NCC vcadets and stiudents attending lecture on career avenues

Colonel Vinod Joshi, Commanding Officer of NCC’s Second Punjab Battalion led the interactive session and delved into the intricacies of career opportunities within the armed forces.

Colonel Joshi provided information about the diverse avenues available to students, tailored to their qualifications, preferences, and desired branches of service.

Col Joshi addressing students and NCC cadets

Highlighting key entry points, Colonel Joshi outlined the process of joining institutions such as the National Defence Academy (NDA), the Indian Military Academy, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and Officers’ Training Academy. He elaborated on the rigorous selection procedures involving written examinations, interviews conducted by the Services Selection Board (SSB), and specialized schemes like the Technical Entry Scheme (TES).

Colonel Joshi also shed light on the Short Service Commission (SSC), which provides opportunities for individuals to serve in the Army, Navy, or Air Force for a shorter duration. He emphasized the inclusivity of these opportunities, welcoming both men and women to apply based on the specific branch and service requirements.

He underscored the paramount importance of personality development and leadership skills, essential qualities for aspiring soldiers.

The event culminated with a token of appreciation presented to Colonel Joshi by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Manoj Kumar. Lieutenant Dr. Ahmad Husain, Associate NCC Officer of DAV University said that students would benefit from the enlightening session.

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