Tuesday, July 23, 2024
DAV University hosts panel discussion on stress management
March 13, 2024

Jalandhar, March 13

DAV University organized an open panel discussion on handling stress. More than 280 students, staff, and faculty members attended the event.

The panel of experts included B. K. Manisha Didi, a spiritual orator, Dr. Atul Madan, a clinical psychologist and Ms. Pallavi Khanna, a renowned counseling psychologist.

Panelists at the event

The panelists engaged in discussed various facets of stress management, exploring topics such as the conscious and unconscious brain, the interconnectedness of thoughts, emotions, actions, and memories, and practical strategies to cope with stress effectively.

The dignitaries included Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr) Manoj Kumar, Registrar Prof. (Dr) S K Arora and Dr Gitika Nagrath, Dean of CBME & Humanities. The event was moderated by Ms Pratibha Khutan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology.

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