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DAV University holds workshop to mark World Suicide Prevention Day
September 19, 2023

Jalandhar, September 13

The Department of Psychology at DAV University, Jalandhar hosted a workshop to educate students about suicide prevention. The workshop was held under the aegis of Together We Heal – an NGO.

The event underscored the commitment of DAV University to addressing mental health issues and providing valuable resources to its students.

Psychologists Ms Shreya Dogra and Ms Yashica Jain highlighted the current status, causes, and symptoms of suicide. They also provided valuable insights into effective coping techniques for managing stress and anxiety. The session witnessed active participation from both the university's student council members and students from the Department of Psychology.

Complementing the workshop, students from the Psychology department took an innovative approach to spread awareness. They conducted poster presentations across the university, aiming to educate their peers about the causes and symptoms of suicide.

Dr Manoj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, DAV University commended the department's dedicated efforts in addressing this crucial issue. Dr K N Kaul, Registrar of the university, addressed the students and encouraged them to prioritize happiness, stress-free living, and a more focused and meaningful life.

Dr Gitika Nagrath, Dean of CBME & Humanities, also addressed the students and emphasized the significance of counseling in resolving day-to-day concerns.

Dr Pratima Mahendru, the Coordinator of the Department of Psychology, along with the faculty members, also participated in the session, contributing to its success and impact.

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