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DAV University holds seminar on “needonomics for human development in India”
October 25, 2019

DAV University organized a seminar on “Needonomics for Human Development in India.” The seminar was held under the aegis of the Department of Commerce, Business Management and Economics.

Prof. M. M. Goel, Former Vice-Chancellor, JNU Jaipur; a known economist with spiritual bent of mind addressing the staff and the students highlighted upon Kondratieff Recession in the global economy including India. He said it is a reality to be accepted by the stakeholders with proper diagnosis by the economists for creating conducive working environment. Economy can be people friendly and socially beneficial only if undertaken in accordance with NAW (Need, Affordability and Worth) approach of the goods and services. Needonomics is the sensible idea of India in tune with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 for every economy of the world.

The problems including violence, terrorism, exploitation and corruption of all kinds are caused by ‘Greedonomics’ (economics of greed) and can be reduced if not removed by ‘Needonomics.’ He motivated the audience by saying that we need to convert holiday culture in to holy-day culture as worship is work and vice-versa. In the end he said in order to ensure balance in the environment and economic development, we need to become street SMART (Simple, Moral, Action Oriented, Responsive and Transparent).

The session concluded with a thanksgiving note by The Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta. Dr. Jasbir Rishi, Dean Student Welfare, Mr. Pranjal Pachpore HoD, CBME and other faculty members were also present.


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