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DAV University Holds Legal Aid Awareness Drive to Commemorate Constitution
November 28, 2023

Jalandhar, November 28

Students from the School of Law and Legal Studies at DAV University carried out a legal aid awareness campaign on November 28, 2023. The participating students started the day with the recitation of the Preamble of the Constitution which echoes the foundational values guiding the nation.

Recitation of the Preamble of the Constitution by all participating Students

Students, along with faculty members Ms Sanjana J Cheema, Ms Sakshi, Ms Trisha Gosain, and Mr Dildar Singh, visited the nearby villages Ballan and Daulatpur. The primary goal of the campaign was to bridge the gap between legal knowledge and communities in need and make residents aware of their fundamental rights and duties.

They actively engaged with residents to provide legal advice tailored to their specific requirements. The students addressed queries, clarified legal nuances, and disseminated crucial information about the legal landscape. The focus extended beyond immediate problem-solving to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to safeguard their rights in the future.

Offering legal advice tailored to the specific concerns of the villagers.

The outreach efforts included comprehensive awareness sessions on fundamental rights and duties as enshrined in the Constitution of India. Utilizing mediums such as pamphlets, presentations, and interactive discussions, students ensured that information reached every corner of the community.

Dr. Kamaljeet Kaur Sidhu, Dean of the School of Law and Legal Studies, emphasized the significance of such initiatives, stating, that the Constitution Day was an opportunity to translate its principles into action. The legal aid awareness campaign reflected DAV University’s commitment to social responsibility and fostering legal consciousness within society.

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