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DAV University holds international conference on Intellection, Innovation and Implication in Chemistry
April 20, 2023

Jalandhar, April 20

Department of Chemistry, DAV University, Jalandhar has organized International Conference on Intellection, Innovation and Implication in Chemistry (IIIC) - 2023.

There were two international speakers and seven national speakers who delivered their talks on different fields of chemistry.

Prof. Shatendra K. Sharma from NSUT, New Delhi delivered his talk on “How to Invent, Innovate and Incubate” explaining how a common man or a research scholar could create inventions out of his daily routine and observations of things around them.

Prof. Pance Naumov from New York University, Abu Dhabi, UAE delivered his talk on “the Future of Crystals is Dynamic.” The talk was aimed at realistically assessing the appositeness of dynamic crystals for advanced applications.      

Prof. Rajeev Gupta, from the University of Delhi spoke on “Sensing, Catalysis & Photo-catalysis within the Confined Space.”

Vice Chancellor Dr Manoj KUmar and Dean Sciences Dr R K Seth honouring the guests

Dr. J S Momo Hmungshel from Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine IIIM, Jammu described natural products as the powerhouse of sources for modern medicines and attractive targets for drug discovery, drug development, and the pharmaceutical Industry.

Prof. Ehsan Ali coming from Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali delivered his talk on “Impact of Spin-Phonon Coupling on Singe-Molecule Magnet” discussing the magnetic relaxation process through-spin phonon couplings and its associated computational challenges.

Prof. Ramesh L. Gardas from IIT, Madras delivered his talk on “Benign Solvents for Sustainable Chemical and Technological Developments” which emphasized the development of using ionic liquids as solvents for the chemical industry creating alternatives to organic solvents.

Dr. Arvind Kumar (Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute) delivered his talk on “Colloidal Formulations of Ionic Liquids for Advanced Material Synthesis” while Prof. Shantanu Pal from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali delivered a talk on “Self-assembled Discotics as Molecular Semiconductors”.

Prof. Clive L. Oliver from University of Cape Town, South Africa described the synthesis and structural analysis of MOFs. Dr. Rajnikant Sharma from College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar shared information about drug discovery.

Dr. Shumaila Shahid from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi talked about “Nanoparticles in plant pathology”.

Prof. Manoj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, DAV University, Jalandhar expressed happiness at the overwhelming response to the conference. Dr. R.K Seth, Dean Sciences and Technology, DAV University, Jalandhar.

Dr. Ahmad Husain, Dr. Sapna Sethi, Dr. Rekha Gaba, Dr. Ankush Gupta, Dr. Harminder Singh, Dr. Bandna Bharti, Dr. Ekta, Dr. Samriti Thakur, Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, Dr. Nisha Devi and Dr. Gagandeep Kaur from the Department of Chemistry, chaired different sessions. Dr. K. N. Kaul, Registrar was also present at the event.

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