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DAV University holds guest lecture on ‘Space Physics and Space Weather”
December 08, 2022

DAV University organized a guest lecture on “Space Physics and Space Weather” This guest lecture was held under the aegis of the Department of Physics. Dr. Tulasi Nandan Parashar, Faculty of Physics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand was the resource person.

Dr. Keshav Walia, Coordinator, Department of Physics started the event with the welcome speech. He also introduced the resource person. The objective of this lecture was to provide concise overview of many exciting aspects of space physics. Dr Parashar started his lecture with the overview of structure of Sun. Then he explained about coronal mass ejection (CME), Solar flares and Solar energy particles (SEPs). Dr. Parashar told that SEPs are believed to originate from two sources; solar flares and CME. Then he explained the difference between CMEs and solar flares. He further told that magnetic storms caused by CMEs  not only affect modern technology such as GPS, but also affects solid earth crest thereby triggering earthquakes.  He also explained in detail the role of NASA in protecting astronauts from space radiation. The entire lecture was very interactive and informative for participants. In the end, Dr. Keshav Walia, Coordinator, Department of physics presented the vote of thanks and gratefully acknowledged the Dr. Manoj Kumar (Vice-Chancellor), Dr. R. K. Seth (Dean, Science & Engineering), and Dr. K. N. Kaul (Registrar) for their consistent support and motivation in organizing academic activities.

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