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DAV University holds expert talk on investment portfolio management
December 01, 2022

DAV University, Jalandhar organized an expert talk on investment portfolio management. The talk “Invest Verse Program” was organized by the Department of Commerce, Business Management and Economics (CBME), DAV University in collaboration with National Stock Exchange (NSE) and HDFC Mutual Funds.

Anita Saini, a financial trainer empanelled by NSE highlighted the techniques of managing investment portfolios. She said that diversification of funds was an important method to reduce risk. She apprised students of different financial concepts including debentures, bonds, equity investment, initial public offerings (IPO), NSE and BSE. Explaining the concepts of debt, debentures, bonds, and mutual funds, she elaborated on the benefits of mutual funds. She suggested that the students must follow the Economy Industry and Company (EIC) rules before investing in the stock market.

She told the students that a mutual fund was a pool of money invested in small amounts by several persons and managed by a fund manager.

A quiz was also organized for the participants.

Earlier, Dr Ashutosh Gupta, Associate Professor, CBME Department welcomed the speaker. The Dean, CBME Dr Gitika Nagrath, Head of the Department Dr Girish Taneja, and other faculty members were also present at the occasion.

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