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CBME Department organized online guest lecture on “Rural Marketing”
October 06, 2021

An online guest lecture on “Rural Marketing” was organized for the post graduation students of the department of Commerce, Business Management and Economics (CBME) on 6-10-2021. Mr. Sumit Kumar Maji , a result driven professional with over 19 years of cross-cultural experience in marketing research & business operations, addressed the students. Mr. Pranjal Pachpore, Assistant Professor, CBME department welcomed the resource person.  Mr. Sumit told the students about the buying decision making process and 4 A’s (affordability, accessibility, awareness, acceptability) of marketing. He also emphasized upon the biggest challenges in rural marketing.

Myths about the rural market were cleared. He explained how the middle class is expanding in rural India, so rural marketing holds a great potential. Rural and urban markets are different and rural marketing can help tap this potentially growing rural market. He also told students how advertisement designing and advertising campaigns need to be different for rural and urban markets. Advertisements should be designed according to the customer's needs. In the rural market there are greater chances of duplication of products which marketer needs to be aware of while designing different strategies. He also deliberated upon the future of the rural market in India. At the end, the resource person took up various questions which the young budding management students had related to rural marketing. He also advised them the ways in which they can choose their career in this field of rural marketing. Dr. Girish Taneja, HoD, CBME Department and Mr. Pranjal Pachpore jointly thanked the resource person for providing students different insights into rural marketing.

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