Department of Mechanical Engineering → Research

Research work and current research activities going on in Mechanical Engineering Department:

Dr. M.P.Garg

  • Fabrication of Polymer Fiber composite using hand lay technique and its subsequent machining by Electrochemical Discharge machining.
  • Machining of exotic ceramics using Rotary Ultrasonic Machining process.

Area of Research:

  • Electrochemical Discharge machining
  • Rotary Ultrasonic Machining process

Dr. Rajesh Khanna

  • “Control of Casting Defects and Microstructure Improvement in Grey Cast Iron’’

This is real time based industry problem of SONALIKA tractors ltd, the problems caused rejection in casting will be studied and suitable measures will be proposed to eliminate or minimise the casting defects and save money, material and human effort and maximise the production rate.

  • TIG Welding

Area of Research:

  • Casting

Harish Garg

  • Evaluation of mechanical, tribological and morphological properties of polymer composites processed through hand lay-up manufacturing technique for various engineering applications

Area of Research:

  • polymer composites

Gurdeep Singh

  • Welding on similar and dissimilar material for tailoring the material properties

            Area of Research:

  • Welding
  • Finite Element Method

Vipan Bansal

  • Hard turning on Cold rolled materials using CBN Tools

Area of Research:

  • Hard turning
  • Customer satisfaction