Tender No: DAVU: Services: Mess 1/2013

Applications are invited under the Sealed Cover for managing/operating Mess/ Canteen  in the Girls Hostel (Single Contract).

Sealed envelopes containing the applications must be super-scribed “APPLICATION FOR OPERATING MESS/ CANTEEN IN THE GIRLS HOSTEL.

Applications must be sent in the given format:



The DAV University is in the process of selecting a catering contractor for the Mess for 500 seated Girls Hostel on its Campus. The facility consists of a kitchen and a dining hall, Dining Tables and Chairs, Fans and fixtures. The University will provide kitchen, hall, service area, Dining tables, dining chairs, fans and fixtures.  The important terms and conditions are listed below for convenience:

1)         The Contract Agreement would be for a period of one year and may be renewed every year for a further period of two years subject to satisfactory performance.

2)         The contract for the Mess can be awarded to any person at the sole discretion of the University without assigning any reason.

3)         Only those contractors/parties whose annual turnover in hospitality service is 48 lacs per year, during the last two years will be considered. A documentary proof to this effect should be submitted from the Institutions /as income tax return of the propriety firm.

4)         An amount of Rs.one lakh will be retained from the mess bill of First month as   security deposit which will be returned upon expiry of the term. No interest is payable on the retained deposit.

5)         The catering contractor will pay  water charges and electricity charges every month.

6)         The menu and price would be determined by the University in discussion with the contractor and accordingly the monthly charges shall be fixed. The monthly charges can be renewed yearly only.

7)         The approximate strength of mess members is expected to be  400-500 students for 11  months approximately.  Day time girls members may be additional  100 students.

8)         Major civil and electrical works will be attended to by University. Maintenance jobs such as replacement of light bulbs, tube lights etc. in the mess and kitchen area  are the responsibility of the catering contractor.

9)         Kitchen equipment, gas, chulas, water coolers, fridge etc. will be installed by the contractor at its own costs by the contractor. All service utensils like plates, glasses, dongas, service spoons etc. will be arranged. Upkeep and maintenance of such furniture provided in the dining hall by the University will be the sole responsibility of the contractor.

10)       Maintenance of kitchen equipment will be  the responsibility of the contractor.

11)       Cleaning of the premises, utensils, cutlery and crockery, kitchen and other equipment, furniture and consumables are the responsibility of the Contractor.  Procurement of gas, high quality provisions and other consumables is the responsibility of the contractor.

12)       Engaging of required staff, providing uniforms etc. shall be by the contractor with approval of the University. All service staff in the hall will be ladies in girls Hostel between aged 18-60 years. The main cooks (2) can be males.

13)       The University would reserve the right to check on cleanliness and upkeep of premises and  qualify of provisions, and quality of the food.

14)      The contractor shall attend monthly meetings of the mess committee.

15)      Security of premises, equipment, fittings and fixtures, furniture etc. is the responsibility of the catering contractor.

16)      The contractor will NOT employ any child labour.

17)      Contractor should submit all necessary statutory documents.

18)      In the event of award of the contract, the contractor should register himself with the Regional Labour Commissioner, as a contractor under the Contract Labour Regulation Act and obtain Labour License and complete all required formalities.

19)       The contractor should adhere to the provisions of the Service Tax, Provident Fund Act, the “Minimum -Wage-Act” and other such acts which are applicable.

20)       The Contractor should ensure that the payment is made to the labourers as per Minimum wages act to the satisfaction of the licensee.

21)       The contractor will adhere to all laws of the land at its own responsibility and costs. The University will not be responsible for life and safety at work place and they should be duly insured.  

22)    Consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages and smoking is banned in the campus. DAV UNIVERSITY, JALANDHAR

Rules Pertaining to the Daily Functioning of the Mess

1.     Unlimited salad will be provided during lunch and dinner. It will comprise of any  four of the following in every meal:  Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, beetroots, carrots, cabbage and lemons.

2.     Paneer (50 GMS/ PERSON)  is to be served twice a week if so decided in the menu.

3.     Curd or Raita will be served on all days.

4.     Coconut chutney will be served with all south Indian dishes(like idli, dosa  ,uttappa, etc)

5.     Proper  sweets like Rasgulla will be served 2 times a week. The other days, kheer, Custard etc may be provided.

7.     Boiled Food will be served separately in a counter. Whenever there is festival

8.     At least 3 counters should be operational during breakfast lunch and dinner for the whole duration, except for the first and last 15 minutes, during which minimum 2 counters should be operational

9.     Menu as decided by the mess committee will be strictly followed.

Request meals and extra will be sold (given) to the inmates either on the basis of a student writing for it in the register maintained or against cash payment for the same to the caterers. Guest charges will be in cash and as fixed by the University.

10.     Hostels will get 80% on any surplus amount paid for the guest meals.

11.     Menu can be revised in consultation with the Mess council only.


Mess Menu:


The following is the general structure of the menu. The detailed menu (subject to small modifications during the tenure of the contract) is given in the table that follows.

Morning Tea :

One cup each (100 ml)


Indian Dish (e.g. Upma + Chutney / Poha / Idli / Puri-Bhaji / Onion Uttapam / Alu Paratha ) OR 4 Slices of Toasted Bread with Butter and Jam


One Glass (150ml) of Milk AND ONE BANANA/ One cup of Tea Tea

Lunch: Will consist of the following:

Unlimited Rice and Chapatti (with and without Ghee) Unlimited Dal  One Unlimited Curry (the representative Curries are given the table that follows)

Salad consisting of lime and any three of the following Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Beetroots, Cabbage.

One bowl of Curd / Raitha /Pickle

Evening Tiffin:

One cup of Tea

Snacks  item (the representative snacks are given the table that follows)


4 Slices of Toasted Bread with Butter and Jam/ 4 parleje biscuits/ two bread pakora/ 2 samosa.


Unlimited Rice and Chapatti (with and without Ghee) Unlimited Dal One Unlimited Curry (the representative curries are given the the table that follows)

Salad consisting of lime and any three of the following Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Beetroots, Cabbage

Sweet Dish (the representative sweet Dishes are given the table that follows


Three days sweet dish in dinner and three days in lunch : rasgulla/jalebi/custard/fruit cream etc.

Brands of consumables

Salt:                                  Tata, Annapurna, Nature fresh

Ketchup:                            Maggi, Kissan, Heinz

Oil (Sunflower)                    Sundrop, Godrej, Saffola, Fortune

Pickle:                               Mother's or Pravin or Priya or Bedekar or Nilon’s

Atta:                                  Ashirvad, Pillsbury, Annapurnna

Instant Noodles:                 Maggi or Top Raman

Flavoured Fruit Drinks          Rasna

Papad:                              Lijjat

Butter:                              Amul, Brittania, Mother Dairy

Bread:                              Modern, Kwality, Wibs Britannia

Cooking medium :             ISI Brand soybean oil

Penalties for violation or rules, terms and conditions

The caterer will be fined in case of violation of the following rules:

1)     Fine on any discrepancy (personal hygiene of workers, Kitchen area, dining area etc) will lead to fine of Rs. 2000/- on caterer.

2)     Absence of proprietor from Monthly mess Committee meeting (which will be held once every month) will attract a fine of Rs. 5,000/- on caterer.

3)     As and when mess council proposes a fine it will inform the representative of the caterer or mess manager and fine will be imposed with consent of the warden.